Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Ironies 8

1. Ang kailangan natin sa darating na eleksyon eh yung mga kandidatong laging nakikita at nararamdaman ang presence ng mga kabayan niya. Dapat din alam niya ang mga nangyayari sa kanyang pamayanan, at napupulsuhan niya ang gusto ng taumbayan. At higit sa lahat dapat ang kanyang panahon ay walang kaagaw sa kanyang paglilingkod sa pamayanan.

In short, ang qualified tumakbo next year eh mga tambay, tsismoso at walang trabaho.

2. I grew up in one of the cities here in NCR. In one of the LRT posts in that city’s jurisdiction, a signboard was posted which said “bawal magtapon ng basura.” The following week, the last word of the post had been covered by a high pile of garbage.

3. I had a classmate who never cut classes. But due to the insistent prodding of some of his friends, he got to commit his first ever class cut since he entered high school. It was supposed to be his first.

Unfortunately, a non-teaching employee in the school saw them troop to the nearby computer station for a game. He told the department head about it, who then went to the shop and fetched the guys.

My classmate lost his candidacy for the honors, and he had to bring his parents over for some explanation before the guidance counselor and principal.

Apparently, it was also his last.

4. And today’s bad english story comes from one of my student’s essays on why Bonifacio ought to be our national hero:

“I believe that Andres Bonifacio should be the Philippines National hero, because he know the pulse of community peoples around him and her. He is also is from the poor people among them. He can feel the people’s needs and that’s what’s makes him a good national hero. Althrough Jose Rizal is intelligent brilliantly, he did never came from the poverty of people. But he’s okay, yes, he is I think.”


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  1. sumakit ulo ko dun sa essay

    March 26, 2009 at 9:23 AM

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