Life as it happens. Time as it passes.


MusicAre miracles still true today? Are they the same as they were when the Bible had once talked about them? Would we be lucky enough to see one in our lifetime?

But the other important question that we ought to be asking is, what are miracles? How do we define miracles? When one begins walking on water, is it a miracle? Or perhaps when a glass of water becomes a shot of vodka for the wine-trippers, is it the greatest miracle for them? Or when one puts his shaking hand on somebody else’s forehead, pushing that person to unconciousness, and then after 5 scripted minutes wakes up, claiming all the tumors gone, are these the miracles we are actually looking for?

Why don’t you look harder inside your hearts, inside your inner beings, inside your homes, your classrooms, in the forgotten corners of dimly-lit streets, and there, if you listen closer and look harder than normal, you will witness and experience the faint yet felt power of miracles. When one is able to make ends meet for a broken family, when a father is able to be a good stage dad for his 3 year old kid performing in the annual school play, whenever a teen-ager says no to drugs, whenever an 18-year old girl says yes to a decent education, whenever an orphaned kid strives in the most noble way to live a life in the most sufficient and contented way, when a mother leaves her work to attend her daughter’s recital, when a hard-up kid returns a lost wallet to the owner, without expecting for anything in return… and so many ordinary stories that do not have glittering magic potions or levitation effects, or the scream-and-proclaim-the sudden-healing dramatics, but simply day to day scenes of how the faith and resilience of the human spirit in full dependence to the grace of God continues to live in this entropic world…

…there’s your miracle. And you can keep on believing.


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