Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Forevermore: The Story Of RC and Cess (chapter 1: Walking Into The Room)

studious-lookHardly any people was in the office that Tuesday afternoon. The fluorescent bulb in the middle of the room gave a dim ambiance, which meant work was on a halt for the next two hours. The paperworks were left unstacked; sort of a reminder for those from the incoming shift that they’ve got a load of work to think and worry about. The phone kept ringing, but no one who was there bothered to pick up. “At last!” I said to myself. “I’ve got the office all to myself.” Almost an hour ago, it was thick with all sorts of people. I had business to do there, but since it wasn’t a rush matter, I waited for the crowd to thin. 45 minutes of waiting seemed like an eternity, especially if you had to wait outside the air conditioned room. At that time of the day, the room was like next to heaven. The clock struck 1:30PM. My time had finally come. It was supposed to be an insignificant invasion of the office, hoping that none among the people inside would care to cock their heads the front door and notice my entry. With an air of snobbishness, I walked in to that room, with my head locked towards the cabinet. Until my eyes rolled to my left… … and there she was.



Her hair was neatly clipped to her left side. She was wearing a pastel green checkered jumper and a white shirt. Her earrings seemed to flicker the sole light from the ceiling. Her hands were smoothly gliding through the table as she scribbled some notes in an info sheet. And her head was softly turning from left to half-right as she copied one item into the other. Things were moving in real time… until she looked back at me… … with that quick lock between our eyes, every thing else went into background. The world seemed to move slower than normal. Her eyes followed mine as i cruised along the ten feet of walking distance i had from the door to the cabinet. It blinked gently for a while, and as it reopened in the split second that it took, her lips simultaneously drew that smile–the smile that could have murdered me if she had the motive to. But it was, in that sweet and mild way, doing a great job of keeping my heart thumping above normal. And as her head turned back to resume it’s business, my mind tried to capture as much of that image, hoping that I could recreate it in my dreams that same night. I never even noticed I had reached the cabinet.

It was only when the drawer was excruciatingly clipping my thumb that I was snapped back into reality. I was done with the insignificant invasion. But for the next 10 seconds i tried to invent a dozen other reasons for me to stay inside that room. The next ten seconds seemed longer than the eternity I spent waiting outside that room. “Hey… you done there?” Whispered my co-staff softly. She was supposed to get something also from the drawer. “Oh…” I said passively. And I walked away from the cabinet, aware that my co-staff was perplexed at how i dumbly looked for those ten seconds. I glanced at her again, hoping she’d reciprocate. But she was already caught with her work. I snapped my finger just after i heard the click of the door knob as the door closed.

I looked up to the sky, and it seemed to be clearer than two minutes ago. I felt my cheek bones raised as i was madly smiling in and out of myself. I walked away from the front door… a hopeful and a believer of love.


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