Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

From His Word 1

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

– Psalm 133:1


Filipinos are not much known for winning in team sports. The B3 sports, namely, boxing, billiards, and bowling, have all been conquered and dominated by Filipinos. Noticeably, these three sports categories all feature solo performances. Hardly do we see a Filipino team dominating a group event.

The Word of God is clear that unity is a “good and pleasant” thing to see. Coming together and uniting is never based on the commonalities of each person in the team, but rather it is based on how, despite the differences, each member cooperate and contribute in achieving the goal.

If we are to truly to achieve true and lasting unity, we need to have five things common:


Everybody must see the same vision that each is looking on to. Visions give direction and focus, giving more space for results and less space for mistakes. Lack of vision can be very costly, as it would almost always employ a trial-and-method effort. Remember, to a sailboat without a destination, any wind is good enough.


Knowing and embracing a common purpose allows members of variating abilities to unite and complement each other in the work of the Lord. Not everybody can be the boss, and not everybody can be the utility man. Everybody must understand that each of their capabilities all lead to the fullfillment of the goal. The smallest function could make the greatest difference.


As corollary to point # 2, a common effort is the result of knowing the common purpose. Knowing where to go and why go there is important in order for a team to wisely and efficiently carry out a set of actions that will lead to the accomplishment of a target. There are some things we cannot do that others can, and vice versa. If all were to embrace such a principle, then everybody will learn to work together.


Attitude is what makes the difference between a manager and a leader, a slave and a servant, a winner and an achiever, a loser and a challenger. Attitude is what defines your altitude, the height of personal growth you can reach. Only God’s Word has the full capacity to temper our attitudes in a manner pleasing to Him.


It’s easy to do something that you like. It’s another thing to like what you are doing. Having the desire to do something that you really don’t like can only occur if you are fully convinced and fully confident of what you are doing. Just as confidence can be crookedly used to commit wrong doings, so also must a person be confident in doing the right thing. Your desire might not always be right. But the right must always be our desire.

The true meaning of unity lies only in the fact that through God’s grace are we able to set aside our differences and work together to achieving our goals.


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