Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Success: Perspectives from God’s Word (introductory lecture)

(the following is an edited compilation of lectures on the Biblical Perspectives of success. Credit is due the following: Dr. Benny M. Abante Jr., Rev. Jose Francisco Sauco, and Dr. Charles Stanley)

People all over the world are constantly in search for the true meaning of success. Different formulas, procedures, methodologies, even diets and medicinal products have been offered by many people and institutions who promise instant and lasting success. But so far, people who have tried these things over and over again have only found the frustrating outcome—success is nowhere to be found.

But is it really that so difficult?

The Word of God speaks of success also. But the success that it prescribes is very far from how the world looks at it. All the world could do is to make the concept of success look glamorous and tempting. The world measures success materially—cars, houses, riches, fame, and so on. But while they might be good and pleasurable to pursue, they all perish in time. Everything material is temporal. They will never last long.

Success, from the perspective of God’s Word, on the other hand is very different. It measures success not by how much one has, but by how long it will last. And the success that the Bible typifies to us is something that will last for all time. History itself is full of these stories, where the success of a person has even outlived the person itself, reaching even our time, for us to emulate and imitate.

Though many skeptics have discredited these claims of the Bible, perhaps it is best that the Word of God speak for itself. The Scriptures deserve a second look, as far as what it says about success is concerned.

The lessons that we are about to tackle aim at presenting the Bible’s perspective of true and lasting success. But the choice that must be made is not ours—it has always been yours. Choose wisely!


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