Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

The Gift of Life

(I promised my good friend a blog entry about his junior and so here it is..)


I would like to congratulate my good friend Pr. John Lamela, also known as J3, a newly joined Morning Rusher and our church’s college youth director, and his wife Frelyn for their new born baby, Jabez John Joshua.

It was last Friday that we dropped by the PGH to visit Mrs. Frelyn. She had actually undergone Caesarian Operation, because the child, who had actually stayed two days longer than the expected date of birth, was actually moving up instead of down the womb. This actually made it harder for the mother to breathe, and more importantly for the child to be born normally. Thus, an operation was necessary.

The dad hadn’t slept yet. But according to him, just the sight of his junior, who actually looks like him, is enough to brush away all the fatigue and sleeplessness.

He was actually kidding me that I am next, as I am supposedly getting married next year. On the other hand, the wife was warning Cess, who was with me that day at the hospital, that the labor is really difficult, but rewarding. Cess and I had a good time kidding with each other about the couple’s advise.

But indeed, children are a bundle of joy. They give that sense of responsibility. Just now that I am still unmarried, I can already feel the excitement of being called a dad. But there’s more to it than just having a kid. It means  you will have to step up and work hard to provide for your family’s needs as the man of the house.

So again, congratulations to J3 and the wife for their newest blessing in the form of an infant!


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