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Happy Birthday Fog!


It was the 21st birthday of one of my good friends, students and mentee. Benny Fog Abante, the only boy and the youngest kid of our senior pastor Dr. Benny Abante, received a surprise birthday bash from us at Jollibee Makati Ave.

The surprise was a week-old plan hatched by Sarah and Sant, and I was asked to be the bait. I made it appear that, on the party day, I was supposed to meet a fellow Morning Rusher at Station 168 in Makati Ave, a stone’s throw away from the venue. To make it look legit, I asked a friend, Erna San Luis, a.k.a. Hellgirl to meet me there.

The set-up was that Cess would only allow me to meet my friend if I had someone accompany me. And since Fog knows 168 better, I asked him to accompany me there. The cover-up was almost blown, as Fog was actually trying to set up his own hang out that day. But his two other friends, Bon and Obed, who were both in the show, insisted that they join me in the meet.

Erna came in on cue and so we had some chat, with Fog unsuspecting… or at least not as much as he was already suspicious of me. When I asked him to join me to buy food from Jollibee, he insisted on buying one from McDonald’s. This was where I was really poor at. I had to make it still look legitimate up until the last minute of the play. The good thing was he gave in and went with me to Jollibee.

A few minues passed and the mascot Jollibee came down and asked Fog to come up with him to the second floor.

And there…


The entire gang wearing pink and fuscha were there, greeting Fog a happy birthday. I actually didn’t notive it, but Erna was also wearing the motiff, which was good! In the middle of the party, Erna met Cess, and they were thrilled at meeting each other. Sarah, the organizer also met Erna and thanked her for being sport enough to ride along the show.

Sarah, Cess and Erna!

Sarah, Cess and Erna!

Fog’s mom, Mrs. Marie, who was supposed to leave earlier that afternoon for Dubai with Ptr. Benny, had their flight canceled for today Thursday, and was also there at the party. We had a great time playing the parlor games and having a fun time of chat with Fog’s family and friends.

The beloved mascot "sheds tears" as Ms. Marie "emotes" for the son she "had prayed for the most."

The beloved mascot "sheds tears" as Ms. Marie "emotes" for the son she "had prayed for the most."

Through this blog, let me greet Fog a blessed 21st birthday. My prayer is that he will grow up not as the man people wants him to be, but the man God wants him to be. May he always follow God’s desire, design and decision for him. And may he always remain the same person I have known him since he was a kid. God bless bro!


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