Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

RCandCess the Composer is Back!


Way back when I was still a grader, I wrote a lot of backyard (hindi bakya) songs that were, purely, for my own listening pleasure. And then, when I entered high school, I joined my first ever songwriting contest in our church. I competed with four other adult songwriters. And by God’s grace, I won as the champion for that year!

From then on, I began writing my own materials. At the same time, at school, they had regular songwriting contests, specially the Science club. Every year for four years, I won as champion. But the genre of my music was albeit undefined, indefinite, and somewhat hard to categorize.

The next contest I joined was a bigger one. It was sponsored by Kenny Rogers’ Roasters, and the song won as first runner up in the national grand finals. For that, during my high school graduation, I received the “Composer of the Year” award.

After that, the music was silent.

I was going through the blogs of my friends, and I chanced upon Oscar Dela Hopia’s, where had some poems and literary works posted. I was inspired! And from then on, the old poetic, songwriting RCandCess was revived!

Just recently, I had already written and composed three songs just to warm up. One of them you’ll find posted at my Multiply site, which from now on will be called THE BRIDGE: RCandCess Unplugged. The one I uploaded is a song for the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar.

So, if you want to hear raw, unadulterated, homegrown music made right inside the bedroom, in front of a makeshift audio mixer (my laptop….), drop by my Multiply site and enjoy RCandCess live and loud!


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