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Sir RC is Back at MICA!

Yey! I’m back at my alma mater!

Although it’s not yet final, my senior pastor has given his nod over me taking a teaching slot at my elementary alma mater, the Metropolitan International Christian Academy.

It was last year when I was designated to take the lead of the congregation and Imus, and for that I had to leave the school for one full school year. Some of my students were saddened by my leaving, but be that as it may, it all worked out good for me, as I was able to test my mettle as a preacher in our work in Imus. My stay there was a fruitful one until I was again re-assigned here in Taguig.

And now that I’m basically just 11 kilometers away from the school, and with the help of a provided transportation, I will be teaching again at the school I have always been a proud alumni of.

And of course, I get to see Cess more! Wootwoooh!


Me and Cess during the last NSC we were together in 2007 at Ilo-ilo.

Cess is a full-time teacher there, handling math and advisory classes for the freshies. During my stay there as a teacher for 7 years since 2001, as a part-time CAT instructor, I handled history and Bible classes. My very own sister, who just graduated from college at EAC finishing BS Nursing, was one of my students actually.

I’m so excited to be back in the teaching roster of the school, especially that I will be once again leading some of our students competing for the National Student Convention this year in Bicol. Last year, even though I wasn’t a part of the faculty, I coached the Scripture Video team of the school, and won second place! This year, we are not aiming for first place–we just want to do the best.

I love MICA, because, next to the home and the church, it was here where I learned everything as far as my Christian values are concerned. This was my training ground that prepared me for the big challenges of the world. In fact, as a show of my gratitude, I was privileged enough to have written the lyrics of the school’s hymn. Credit is due, of course, to God, and to my pastor, Dr. Benny Abante, Jr.; our directress; Mrs. Marie Paz Abante; Ms. Tess Jacinto, the school principal; all my teacher friends, of course including Cess; and the best students in the whole of Revellin St.!

I am proud of MICA. I hope one day, MICA would be proud of me as well.

Go MICANS! March onward to the light!


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