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The Campers pose with Bro. Art Sims

The Campers pose with Bro. Art Sims

182 young people came, participated and got revived during the recently concluded BYI Summer Camp at Isle of Patmos Baptist Camp in Luisita Tarlac.

Ptr. Mike Duran, this year’s camp director opened the week-long activities with a challenge to the young people to check their motives as to why they were on camp. The following morning of Tuesday, it was the assistant director, Pr. Honey Cua who gave the morning devotion.

Later during the morning, the 6 teams, namely the Dream Weavers, Young Monarchs, Pulpiteers, Mountaineers, Visionaries and Wall Breakers, competed for a Missions Presentation that will be adapted by the Missions Drama Guild of the MBBC for the upcoming Antioch Conference. The Mountaineers won that event.

Pr. Ric Malit gave the first morning challenge of the week, reminding the young people to go back to the first purpose of the BYI which is to evangelize and reach out to the youth of their schools. Other speakers for th morning challenges were Ptr. Robert Malit, who reminded the youth of the example of the Apostle Paul as a trailblazer of new footprints, and Ptr. Jojo Tuason, who spoke of avoiding comparisons among each other, and how each young individual has his or her own way of making a mark in their involvement in the work of the Lord.

In the afternoon, the campers joined several sports events, as well as the “Larong Pinoy” Tournament, where they played famous Filipino games such as patintero, tumbang preso, tamaang tao, kickball, catch the dragon’s tail, and many others.

Bro. Art Sims was also there to share his insights on how young people can help in the growth of their churches. Speaking in full Filipino, the former BBF missionary spoke of Moses and Abraham whose lives have been the example of Godly living because they followed God fully.

Prs. John Lamela and Cris Reyes were also part of the line-up of speakers as devotion leaders every morning. Other speakers for the Morning Sessions included Ptr. Jun Ramirez who tackled soulwinning as the heart of the youth ministry. Pr. Reyzel Cayanan followed him, and spoke of the snare of the changing times. On Thursday, it was workshop time for the young people. The line-up of lecturers where Pr. Boy Glinoga, who gave fatherly advice for the high school boys; Bro. Crisant Dema-ala, who discussed responsibility for college men; Ms. Princess Dizon, who gave the principles of modesty and decency for high school girls; and finally Mrs. Cua and Mrs. Duran spoke of principles to follow for college ladies when it comes to relationships.

Pr. RC Cayanan poses here with his YP from MBBC Taguig

Pr. RC Cayanan poses here with his YP from MBBC Taguig

In the evening, the young people also enjoyed several treats, such as the “pinoy henyo” games, as well some inspiring videos about the life of the BYI’s founder, Dr. Benny Abante Jr., the pictures and snapshots of the old and new BYI’ers, and the life story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, the father and son tandem of marathon runners.

The evening challenges zeroed in on checking the life of the young people, and how they can be useful vessels for the Lord’s work. Ptr. Jojo Tuason spoke of young people being responsible men and women of God. Ptr. Goody Dogaong talked about building the future today, and Ptr. Chris Compalas spoke of being a surrendered young person to the will of God.

young people flock to the altar after the stirring challenge of Ptr. Jojo Tuason

young people flock to the altar after the stirring challenge of Ptr. Jojo Tuason

For the three nights, 1 young man surrendered his life to the Lord, 4 got saved, while 34 others came forward to re-commit to the ministries of their congregations as volunteer workers.

We praise God for the results of the camp. Our prayer is that these young people will have a sense of history of the Youth Ministry of the church, and be challenged to look and move forward into the future, making sure that they remain faithful to the footprints that have been already made.


(more pictures to come next week)


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