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Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 4

Electrical power was out over at our residential compound at 9:30 PM last Monday. After I arrived from our staff meeting at 11:30, I placed a report on the electric company’s call center about the power outtage. The agent gave me a reference number for our report, which was report number 78079.

Allegedly, some technical crew from the company came at 2 AM and did nothing but write down a bunch of numbers, probably the post number. When I woke up to go to work, there was still no power. I again placed a report, which now had the number 78962. Apparently, our neighbor in the compound had already placed a report, with the number 78569. It was around 12:45 PM that the repair crew arrived, replaced the worn out electrical wires and restored the power in our compound.

I also noticed that when the crew arrived, the simply leaned the ladder on the post, got up to the spot, replaced some old wires an, that was it. They never checked the other wirings, tested the cables for currents, or any of the technical sort. It was as if they knew all along what was wrong, even if no one had seemingly got up there to check what went wrong. When the crew came down, he said the wires had worn out because they were made by aluminum, which powders away after a long time of use, unlike the old copper ones being used years ago. They said copper was more expensive and frequently stolen by scavengers so they instead use cheaper materials like aluminum, which have a specific amount of time before it needs to be replaced.

After nearly 14 full hours of inconvenience caused by the power outtage, I only have two questions: why does it take no less than a couple of minutes for the crew to arrive and disconnect a line for those who failed to pay it on time, and nearly half an entire day for them to come and restore power? And if they already knew that aluminum had those negative features, don’t they have any regular maintenance or monitoring features enough to cover the replacement of these wires in time, and not wait for an entire community to start bugging them with calls for power restoration?


Oo Nga Naman 3

Matutulog na ang mag-inang camel matapos ang isang nakakapagod na araw. Bago matulog, nagtanong ang anak na camel ng ilang mga tanong sa kanyang ina:

“Mommy, bakit malaki ang mga paa nating mga camel?”

“Anak, malayo kasi ang biyahe natin sa disyerto. Nakakapagod at mainit pa. Hindi pwede basta-basta ang simpleng paa lang sa disyerto. Kaya ginawa tayo ng Diyos na may malaking paa. Okay? O siya, matulog ka na.”

“Okay, mommy! Good night…”






“Bakit anak?”

“Eh bakit malaki ang mga talukap ng mata natin?”

“Anak, sa disyerto kasi mabuhangin. Nakakapuwing sa mata. Mahihirapan tayo bumiyahe sa disyerto pag napupuwing tayo. Kaya malaki ang talukap natin para protektado ang mata natin sa mga buhangin ng disyerto. Okay? O sige na anak. Matulog ka na ha?!”

“Okay mommy. Goodnight…”






“Anak, naman, ano na naman?”

“Eh bakit tayo may hump sa mga likod natin?”

“Kasi anak, sa disyerto, mainit. Walang masyadong lugar na may tubig na pwede natin pag-inuman pag nauhaw tayo. Kaya tayo may sariling hump, para dun natin pwedeng itago yung mga pagkain at tubig natin habang bumibiyahe tayo sa disyerto. Okay na ba? Sige na please anak, tulog na tayo!”

“Okay mommy. Good night…”






“O anak! Ano ba naman? Anong tanong mo?”

“Eh mommy… kung ang mga paa natin malaki para sa pag-lakad natin sa disyerto…

…at ang talukap natin malaki para sa buhangin ng disyerto…

…at ang humps natin malaki para sa pagkain natin habang nasa disyerto…

…eh bakit tayo nasa zoo?”

Only One Life

(one of my favorite life-reflecting songs)


It matters so little, how much you may own,

The places you’ve been, or the people you’ve known,

For it all comes to nothing, when placed at His feet,

It’s nothing to Jesus, just memories to keep.

The days pass so swiftly, the months come and go,

The years melt away, like new-fallen snow,

Spring turns to summer, and summer to fall,

Autumn brings winter, and death comes to call.

Only one life, so soon it will pass.

Only what’s done for Christ will last.

Only one chance to do His will.

So give to Jesus all your days, it’s the only life that pays,

When you recall you have but…

…one life.

Pinned Down by the Flu

Finally I was able to muster enough strength, will power, and internet load, to post something here in my blog, as I am now on my fourth day of battling the flu.

No, no, no, this ain’t the swiney virus, as some has been speculating already. I already had my check up yesterday, and doctors said I was just suffering from stress and overfatigue that just piled up after a very busy yet successful conference we had over at our church. I was, actually, expecting that finding, as this usually happens to me every year after this same conference we hold every June. It just so happened that this was the heaviest hit so far, and it came at a time the Influenza A(H1N1) is fast on the rise here in the country.

Even the scheduled monthsary date last June 24 was not spared by the flu. So, me and Cess spent our date at the medical center for my annual physical check-up. i appreciate and thank her for the understanding, love and care she has shown me these past few days that I have been down and weak. Thank you ga! I love you so much. With someone like you around, I’ll sure get by better and better soon!

Thanks to the MBBC family, from my pastor, co-staff, church mates, and my congregation family at Taguig for the love and prayers they have extended for me. I’m still not yet fully recovered, and so they’re still not yet finished reaching out to the high heavens interceding for me. Thanks to all the MBBC’ians!

Thanks also to Chico, Delle, and all my Rusher family members who wished me “get well soon” through texts and phone calls. Sayang at di kami makakarating sa EB, baka mahawa lang kayo.

Of course to my family: my parents, my brother and sister who are risking their own health just to make sure I get well soon, para pag sila naman ang magkasakit, bawi naman ako! hahahaha.

Word of advice to all of you who think getting sick is the easiest way to get a quick vacation: you can never tell how hard and how heavy these viruses can pin you down. Don’t try to think you’re strong and indomitable. One of these days, you’re just a microscopic viral strain away from the pink of health to the infirmity bed.

The Los Angeles Lakers: 2009 NBA Champions

The new dynamic duo: Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol teamed up to earn their championship this season.

The new dynamic duo: Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol teamed up to earn their championship this season.

At long last, the elusive NBA championship ring has been bestowed upon the deserving team, the deserving coach, and the deserving player.

The Los Angeles Lakers, considered to be one of the most consistent teams of the NBA as far as performance is concerned, finally bags its 15th championship title after an uphill climb of 7 long years, including last year’s foiled attempt at the hands of a stronger Boston Celtics. Now all the wait is over, and the stories that come with it are now just a footnote to the victorious vanquishing the team did against an upstart but deserving foe in the form of the Orlando Magic.

As for Phil Jackson, he now surpasses Red Auerbach as the coach with the most championship titles. Chasing the cigar-puffing basketball guru of the fabled Boston franchise during the early years of the league is no easy feat for the zen-oriented tactician of the Lakers, the team who sat at the other side of history with Boston. 6 of the ten championships were earned thanks to a gift embodied in Michael Jordan. And if it can get any better than that, Jackson receives a second gift in the person of Kobe Bryant.

Speaking of Kobe Bryant…

People call it vindication, others legitimation. But however people call it, Kobe Bryant’s triumph will be eternally engraved in the history books of the league, not because he did it under the draftsmanship of Phil Jackson, nor because he was finally able to do it without the swaggering presence of a Shaquille O’Neal. All these assumptions would pale in comparison to the true reason why the Black Mamba will go down the league’s history as an unforgettable figure: that on the grandest stage of NBA glory, Kobe Bryant was the star of stars.

And with Bryant’s ascension to greatness, he carries with him the many other players that donned the purple-and-gold jersey during the six championship games they played on and off their home court. First one piggy-backing on him? Some undoubtedly say it would have to be Pau Gasol.

In 2002, critics arranged the names as Shaq-Kobe. Today, it’s Kobe-Pau. The big guy this time is the one owing the shooting guard his own bragging rights as a champion. And Pau will not contest that–after all, this one’s his first, while Kobe his fourth.

A lot of people are looking way ahead into the next season as to how the Lakers are going to defend their championship. If history will take Phil Jackson’s side, we can expect a three-peat, and with that LA catches up with Boston for the team with the most championships, and Kobe catches up with the player almost everybody is saying to be the one true legend Kobe is being measured against. These are all just wishful thinking as to what next season, let alone the next two seasons, would most likely be.

As for Phil, Kobe, and the rest of the Lakers, now is not the time for all the prophetic declarations for the incoming season. For now, savoring their championship is on top of the list.

Haberday Ms Yam!

The VOICES: Ms Dulce, Ms Czarah, Ms Sally, Pr John, Ms Jinky and Pr Rey flank around the celebrator, Ms Yam during last night's rehearsals, minutes before she turned... =)

The VOICES: Ms Dulce, Ms Czarah, Ms Sally, Pr John, Ms Jinky and Pr Rey flank around the celebrator, Ms Yam during last night's rehearsals, minutes before she turned... =)

Here’s a very happy birthday greeting from the blogosphere to a good friend, churchmate, and ministry partner Ms. Yam Abarca who is celebrating her birthday today!

Ms. Yam has been a great asset to our music ministry as our pianist. She leads and handles all musicians and instrumentalists in our church and makes sure all the renditions are as excellently given as possible each worship service.

She also happens to be the guidance counselor for the MICA. The task of giving sound wisdom and counsel to teen students is not a walk in the park, and for that I commend her for doing a great job of investing in the lives of our students.

She also takes the role of chief servant of the House of Rhoda, our church’s group for young professional ladies. Cess is a part of this House, and I am glad of the mentoring Ms Yam is doing for young ladies like Cess.

Also a proud alumnus of the University of the Philippines, Ms Yam is also a member of the full-time staff of our church. She has dedicated her life for the furtherance of God’s plan and purpose despite the lucrative job that her course as a psych graduate can offer. Indeed, she has given her life and yielded it to God for a far greater reward.

The entire music ministry of the MBBC greets you today on your natal day.

A Personal Testimony on Prayer

(reflections from Psalm 6)

Prayer is a special moment any child of God would have with his or her Heavenly Father. But it can also be a testimony—a story filled with the various shades of life that make it a colorful sketch, with it being the highlight. Nothing comes close to the experience of seeing faith, humility, submission, sincerity, expectation and many other ingredients mix together to create utterances that are unique to its petitioner. No two prayers are ever alike, and no two prayer experiences are ever alike. The wonderful thing about it is that God has never mixed up His replies to any of our requests. Neither has He run out of fresh ways by which he responded to our needs. He was never too early, and never too late—He’s always on time.

There is no one way to prayer. There is no age limit. There is no time limit. It comes from different languages, but arrives at the throne room of grace with one language—the language of the Holy Spirit.

1. Pride is the greatest hindrance to prayer (Ps. 10:4)

2. There is a price to pay for neglecting prayer (Deut. 32:18-20);

–         The heart is always farthest from God, when it is nearest to self;

–         The joy, desire and sincerity of serving God is lost when prayer is neglected;

–         We would neglect prayer twice as much as we did yesterday;

3. The Lord works best when you are empty of your self (2 Tim. 2:21);

–         Even God enjoys prayer! Prayer is that special time when He would have us all to Himself!

4. Humility is an important ingredient in understanding God’s Will (Ps. 6:2);

–         Because your focus is more on God, the more you are able to piece together the puzzle of God’s will, and eventually enjoy it!

5. Prayer can either be a burdensome task or a blessed experience (Ps. 4:3);

Oo Nga Naman 2

1. Bakit pag malaki ang letters ang tawag ay ALL CAPS, pero pag yung maliit, ang tawag eh SMALL CAPS? Pano kaya yung maliit na kapital letters? Di ba dapat lower case?

2. Color nga ba ang hinuhuli sa color coding?

3. Dito sa Manila, ang kapitbahay eh yung kabilang pader lang ng bahay niyo. Sa probinsya, pag sinabing kapitbahay, tatlong ilog at isang bundok ang pagitan? Kaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

4. Sa music, iba yung lakasan sa sumigaw. Minsan, may mga kumakantang hindi alam ang pagkakaiba.

5. Ang baboy iisang salita lang yan para sa “pig” at sa “pork”. Baka magkamali ka ng sabi ng “Do you eat pig?” at mapagbaligtad mo sa “I have a pet pork.”

6. Minsan, yung bumibili ng “cl-s- -p” na toothpaste, “c-lg-t-” pa rin ang nababanggit.

7. Para hindi ka ma-guilty, manawagan ka sa mga kamag-anak mo sa mall, at sabihin mo na SILA ang nawawala, hindi IKAW.

9. Hindi ka ba malilito pag sabi mo sa tindera ng “Pabili ng softdrinks…” ang sagot niya “Wala, Coke lang meron…”?

10. Pwede mong gawing “ibon” ang “itlog” sa pamamagitan lang ng paglipat ng lugar. Sa Bulacan, “itlog” pa lang yan. Pagtawid mo ng NLEX viaduct at Pampanga na “evon” na yan.