Life as it happens. Time as it passes.


grad 03Since last night, I have been thinking about what to write today. As I was doing so, I glanced over my shoulder and saw my sister sleeping on her bed. It was a much deserved rest, especially if you spent the entire day cleaning up the house and the mess that mostly were my stuff. I soon decided I’d post a blog about her.

If you haven’t met her yet, Kiszel, or Khish as how she prefers it, contains an irony of sorts herself. She can be so “malambing” and then suddenly swing over to the other extreme end of the scale if pushed enough. She would often switch on her “madrama” side, or sometimes just content her self in the corner of her small semi-room, and there muse over her stuff. She can turn into a freak of nature with all the “kakulitan” in the world like her favorite cartoon character Taz, or all of a sudden make her presence unfelt because of her deafening silence. And it is this unique mixture of composure and madness makes her unique.

We’re four years apart, but we have finally come to that point where we have outgrown our differences in age. I’ve seen her transform from girl to teener to a full-bloomed lady. In fairness, she doesn’t even look one day older than a fourth year high schooler. But the way she thinks and reasons out would make you think twice if she’s already in her late twenties. Seriously.

Despite being distinct from each other based on gender, we have developed a unique bond as big brother and only sister in the family. With our kid brother Timothy around, she has even grown more in the responsibility department, and now has her own bragging rights of being called “ate”. It took nineteen years for us in the house to hear that term of respect accorded to her. And, yes, she is living up to it.

She had just finished her nursing course, and to that I am very proud of her. She’s set to take the nursing board this November, and I am praying that she will pass it. I have seen her wear nurse’s costumes way back when we were in our elementary school at MICA (formerly BBEI), and I think it just fits her to be one for real.

As for her love life, well… moving on! hahahahaha.

She sometimes knocks the sense into you whenever you’ve done something st*p!d, by being sarcastic, critical, but in a composed and eerily silent manner. But after that, everything simmers down to a good conversation (of course, not without a pleading to call McDonald’s for delivery).

I love her, because she’s the only sister I’ve got. I guess life would have been a lot different without her for a sibling. She has taught me to always watch my moves and words. After all, that was my first ever role as a leader: being a big brother to her.


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  1. grober agacita

    kuya RC;

    what a description…now my friend understands why….

    June 21, 2009 at 1:07 PM

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