Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

A Personal Testimony on Prayer

(reflections from Psalm 6)

Prayer is a special moment any child of God would have with his or her Heavenly Father. But it can also be a testimony—a story filled with the various shades of life that make it a colorful sketch, with it being the highlight. Nothing comes close to the experience of seeing faith, humility, submission, sincerity, expectation and many other ingredients mix together to create utterances that are unique to its petitioner. No two prayers are ever alike, and no two prayer experiences are ever alike. The wonderful thing about it is that God has never mixed up His replies to any of our requests. Neither has He run out of fresh ways by which he responded to our needs. He was never too early, and never too late—He’s always on time.

There is no one way to prayer. There is no age limit. There is no time limit. It comes from different languages, but arrives at the throne room of grace with one language—the language of the Holy Spirit.

1. Pride is the greatest hindrance to prayer (Ps. 10:4)

2. There is a price to pay for neglecting prayer (Deut. 32:18-20);

–         The heart is always farthest from God, when it is nearest to self;

–         The joy, desire and sincerity of serving God is lost when prayer is neglected;

–         We would neglect prayer twice as much as we did yesterday;

3. The Lord works best when you are empty of your self (2 Tim. 2:21);

–         Even God enjoys prayer! Prayer is that special time when He would have us all to Himself!

4. Humility is an important ingredient in understanding God’s Will (Ps. 6:2);

–         Because your focus is more on God, the more you are able to piece together the puzzle of God’s will, and eventually enjoy it!

5. Prayer can either be a burdensome task or a blessed experience (Ps. 4:3);


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