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The Best TMR Entries by RCandCess 1

I decided to do a top ten wrap-up of some of my entries for the Morning Rush Top Ten, every weekdays from 6-10 AM. Aside from the entries that made it to the top 10, I will also include some entries that did not make it, but are worthy enough to share to our dear avid readers, at least as far as I am concerned.

For our first edition, let’s retrospect a bit to some back issues from way before…

1. Ways to answer the question, “Well, how do I look?”

“Ang itim itim mo na tapos nag-pulbo ka pa… ayan… mukha ka tuloy crinkles!”

2. Most loaded statements…lq

I once told an ex, “You know what, i’m tired of being the only reasonable person in this relationship.”

3. Politically correct way of saying something…

Instead of saying “dudumi” because of LBM, rather say “magda-download sa ebb-site…”

4. Titles for books written by men…

“Confessions of A Battered Husband”

ran5. Titles for books written by women…


6. Moviehouse moments…

“A movie goer was watching an FPJ film. Just when FPJ was to be shot, the moviegoer suddenly blurted out, as if FPJ could hear him, “Fernando sa likod mo!” Of course, according to script, FPJ turns around and shoots the offender down. But the moviegoer, ever since that ‘incident’ has been bragging that he was the guy who saved FPJ.”

7. Ways to say that someone is aging…

“Lagpas ka na sa kalendaryo, pero pasok pa rin sa thermometer.”

8. Funny signboards…

In a tiangge stall in Guadalupe, an ad read “WANTED: Saleslady… male or female.”

9. Signs that you’re outdated…

As we were watching CSI, the uncle of one of our classmates blurted, “Galing talaga nina McGyver ‘no?”

panget talaga10. Ways to answer the question, “Am I Ugly?”

“The answer does not matter… God loves you anyway…”


Oo Nga Naman 9: Arguments 101 (Rules on Arguing)

Here are the top ten facts, rules and principles to remember every time you engage in a debate with someone. Experience indeed is the best teacher! Check these insights out:

1. Not because you had the final say does it mean you’re right;

2. Quoting Phil Donahue on Bill O’Reilly: “Loud does not mean right.”

3. Statements that end with “ah ganun ba?” are most of the time sarcastic instead of affirmative;

4. Keeping silent after a debate allows you to defeat him/her in your head;

5. The fastest way to let go of the argument is leave the house and come back 12 hours later;

6. Expletives are the lamest ways of answering back a valid argument;

7. If the person you’re arguing takes 4 seconds of pause, the statement “that’s not the point,” and then another 4 seconds of pause, he or she is probably trying to change topic;

8. Saying “sorry” doesn’t always mean you’re wrong;

9. Saying “that’s alright” to the one who said “sorry” doesn’t always make you right either;

10. After all, nobody wins in a debate;

If you’ve got more insights on this, hey, feel free to leave a comment here. =)

UAAP S72 Forecast

(Just a squeeze-in. I found this rare video of the closing minutes of UP’s win over Ateneo last July 26. Courtesy of luntianatpula001. )


The only background I have for this next blog is that I used to be our high school paper’s sports page editor. And I can only remember 2 articles I wrote about sports. So this one’s not really a professional perspective, but its more of a fan’s take on how Season 72 of UAAP will end.

The bottom half of the 8 UAAP teams will probably look like this.

5. La Salle

6. AdU

7. UP

8. NU

La Salle’s Archers are now finally fitting into their respective positions, as well as adjusting their performance with the game play being orchestrated by their head tactician Franz Pumaren. But their young line-up can probably bring them only as far. Adamson, one of the teams with the most intact team roster, has finally become a team to reckon, which means their also the team with the most to prove. Had they won over La Salle, they would have been on fifth place. On the other hand, the UP victory over Ateneo has turned into an ace card for the Maroons that could actually further jumble this order, but not if NU can help it. Manny Dandan has now risen as one of the coaches with the experience to back him up, and the hunger to drive him and his team further. Aboy Castro, however, will not be denied his own bragging rights, considering how the chemistry he came up with in teaming up the good veterans and the newbies pulled off well for them in their last outing. And by the way, Aboy is a chemical engineer graduate.

As for the top four, it will probably look like this:

1. ADMU;

2. FEU;

3. UST;

4. UE;

The champs are still on top, and have been consistently acting and playing in such fashion (with the exception of their shocking upset from UP). The experience and brilliant coaching of Norman Black is still the Eagles’ X-factor. They’re expected to still keep the top place for the rest of the season, but that is if FEU will just stay static in their playing pace. But Glen Capacio and the FEU Tamaraws will not be denied this year as a team rightful for the championship contention. UST on the other hand, is the fastest maturing team in UAAP in recent seasons. Their unique fielding of and confidence with their new and sophomore players is a testament to coach Pido Jarencio’s improving grasp of the game, as well as his resilient resolve to prove that their recent championship ring was not a fluke. UE, however, has never been the same without Dindo Pumaren, but with all due respect to the new head coach, is still rich with a lot of fresh players who played well as freshies just last year. Like UST they are also a bunch of fast-maturing players as well.

As for the final two who will slug it out for the championship title, it’s still way too early for that. For now enjoy the 72nd UAAP Season one game at a time.

Blog Pulse 1

If you haven’t voted yet, I invite you to look at the Pulse Check box of this blog and vote which of the following places, if ever you were actually there, would you most likely fall asleep the fastest?

Mas madali ka bang makatulog kung nasa loob ka ng kuwarto mo? O kaya habang nasa kalagitnaan ng lesson sa loob ng classroom? Hindi naman kaya habang nakikinig ng misa sa simbahan? O baka habang may dinadalaw kang kamag-anak sa sementeryo?

Kung meron ka namang naiisip na ibang lugar na mas nakakaantok tambayan, iboto mo na rin.

Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 5

The Lakas-Kampi Coalition is possibly entering a stressful phase of its preparations for the elections next year, as it has not yet been settled who will be the prized standard bearer of the party for the presidency.

Immediately, four prominent presidentiables come to mind when this matter is taken for discussion. MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, one of the most exposed as far as media mileage is concerned, is just about to blow his top, considering that his declaration of intent was the first one made by virtue of chronology, but it seems also to be one that seems most set aside. And from out of the realm of anonymity, Gilbert Teodoro emerges to be the dark horse in this race, and has been dubbed to be the guy that will give BF a run for his money. But this proposition has been deemed wishful thinking, at least as far as BF is concerned, and not if the other two names can help it.

And why not? Current VP Noli de Castro has the survey stats and the track record for fastest ascension to power back him up. In just 6 years, de Castro transitioned from newsdesk to the vice presidency. If the surveys today get realized in next year’s polls, then the only thing between Noli and the presidency are the next 10 months.

But don’t count out the power of Sipag and Tiyaga.

Some analysts are even entertaining the idea that Manny Villar is working to earn just enough bargaining chips for him to demand the Lakas Camp to drop all other names and put his on the top of the list. If he is indeed the force to reckon in next year’s election, then he is giving the Coalition a hard time considering their options for their standard bearer.

All four guys carry with them enough credentials to back them up, and enough political ammunitions to slug it out for supremacy come election day. The party will have to carefully decide on its next critical move, if they are to ever secure the status of their political clout.

The only clear option, though, is still, and will always be, getting the sacred vote of our nation.

David defeats Goliath: UP Shocks Ateneo with First Round Upset

(I just can’t help but be happy about this sports news–a sweet victory for the UP Fighting Maroons. I have to admit, I was about to consign the entire season of UP to the loss bracket, but my disbelief has been finally dispelled by yesterday’s big upset. If we can win one, and over the defending champion at that, I’m sure we can win some more. My hats still go off for the Blue Eagles, who last tasted a defeat from the Maroons 5 years ago, indeed a remarkable record. But for now, just allow us to celebrate as if it was a championship ring we just bagged. After all, it was, in somewhat a very insignificant way, a win over the champs. I am reposting this story courtesy of

Thanks to for this awesome pic!

Thanks to for this awesome pic!

MANILA, Philippines – It took a winless team to figure out how to topple the defending champion.

Bucking all odds, the University of the Philippines Maroons barged into the win column in grand fashion yesterday by shocking the erstwhile unbeaten Ateneo Eagles, 68-58, in the UAAP men’s basketball tournament at the PhilSports Arena.

A 14-0 blitz at the start of the second half sparked the Maroons to a 43-35 lead from 29-35, before a hot-shooting performance by Woody Co kept the overwhelming underdogs on top for the rest of the game.

“It was like David and Goliath,” said coach Aboy Castro, whose Maroons shot a staggering 89 percent from the field in the fourth quarter.

“We just wanted to show not just Ateneo and the league, but more so ourselves, that we have discipline in the team. And I think we executed well today not only in offense, but also in defense.”

The season’s first big upset overshadowed the first-game thriller that saw La Salle pull off a 64-63 overtime escape against Adamson.

Maui Villanueva buried the game-clinching free throw off a foul by Adamson rookie Eric Camson with 3.7 seconds remaining as the Archers picked up their second straight triumph after a 0-2 start.

The Archers drew career-high performances from Kish Co and Hyram Bagatsing, the senior role players who knocked in clutch baskets that kept them afloat in overtime and the fourth period.

“Even though we’re a young team, we showed that we won’t run away from a game like this,” said La Salle coach Franz Pumaren. “We can survive as long as we execute well and do our game plan.”

Woody Co and Mark Lopez buried 15 points apiece for the Maroons, who came into the game averaging a league-worst 30 turnovers.

“We felt like we won the championship, obviously we love the feeling,” said Castro after the Maroons posted their first victory against Ateneo since 2004.

“We knew we could play with them and we just wanted to increase our intensity and play with more composure.”

The Eagles dropped to a share of first place with the idle Far Eastern U Tamaraws and University of Santo Tomas at 3-1.

It was also Ateneo coach Norman Black’s first loss against the Maroons, who last stunned the Eagles, 74-68, in September 2004.

Ateneo’s 58-point production was also its lowest since 2005.

Boemerang Gets the Boomerang

The controversial TV host Erik Hartmann really goofed it up big time in the live telecast of his show “Boemerang” many years ago, when he got into an unstoppable laugh trip over the weird voice of one of his hosts. He was unable to hold himself from bursting into laughter after hearing Valair’s “peculiar” voice. Apparently, that was also the last of him and his show on TV.

Try to enjoy Erik here, as much as he inappropriately enjoyed the “conspired” set up against him.

Oo Nga Naman 8: (Special Edition) Proud to Be Pinoy

According to a recent study, next to English, the Filipino language is the easiest to learn in the world, and Filipinos are the fastest learners of any given language in the world.

The best examples of Pinoy multi-tasking are the jeepney drivers. Nagmamaneho, tumatanggap ng bayad, sumasayaw sa tugtugin ng jeep, bumilibili ng yosi, at umiiwas sa MMDA dahil sa violation.

Filipinos are some of the cleanest people in the world. We’re used to washing our bottom after we poop, and we regularly take a bath. Sabi nga ng iba, “habang ang iba mamamatay sa karumihan, and Pinoy mamamatay sa sobrang kalinisan.”

Two of the most notable events in the world’s wartime history where the The Defense of Bataan during world war ii, and the Great Raid of Cabanatuan also of world war II. The Japs planned of taking the Philippines in just two weeks, but because of the soldiers of Corregidor in Bataan holding on, the siege was delayed by 3 more months. As for the Great Raid, it is the most successful rescue mission during a of all time. Only one person died from the side of the rescuers, and no one among the POW’s died in the crossfire.

The Philippines is the second largest supplier of “human resource” in the world, with a lot of our Pinoys employed in the Middle East and the US, our resilience amidst pressure, flexibility and innovativeness all combine to make the ideal worker.

Bowling, boxing and billiards are all dominated by Filipinos. Paeng Nepomuceno is the Guiness record holder for most championship cups in bowling. Of course, we have boxing’s newest legend in Manny Pacquiao, while Efren “Bata” Reyes and an entire league of cuemasters dominate the sport of billiard.

The Filipino language has enough vocabulary to use for giving the proper terms of respect and reverence for people. Words like “po” and “opo” are distinctly Pinoy.

Rob Schneider, Dave “Batista” Bautista, Kirk Hammet (of Metallica), Nicole Sherzinger, Dean Cain, Lou Diamond Phillips, Allan “APL DE AP” Pineda, and a horde of other international stars all carry Pinoy blood in them. And, yep, they’re proud to be Filipino.

Charice Pempengco, Manny Pacquiao, and Leah Salonga, the certified international stars in their respective fields are all 100% original Pinoys. And thanks to tawapinoy, we have Yam Laranas (director of ‘The Echo,’ a Hollywood-made horro film), Erik Spoelstra (head coach of the Miami Heat), and Efren Penaflorida (first ever CNN Hero of the Year Awardee) to add to the growing list of Pinoy superstars.

“gas price, price increase, water crisis, bagyo, lindol, mount pinatubo, oakwood, kudeta, sabay welga, bagyong “milenyo” o martial law.” lahat kakayanin sir!