Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Oo Nga Naman 4

forest fire

An upstart photographer was asked by a science-oriented magazine’s editor to go to a nearby forest fire to get some shots. He immediately went to an airplane tarmac where the pilot was supposed to meet him and fly him over to the site. The photographer arrived and found this young guy over at the plane seemingly waiting for someone. He then got to the plane and ordered the pilot to fly and go to the site.

The fire had now grown wild, and for the photographer to get better shots, he ordered the pilot to bring him closer in a safer spot. The pilot surprisingly asked why. The photographer explained that better shots would be better taken in that dangerous spot. The pilot again asked why.

“Tanong ka pa ng tanong, eh siyempre dahil yun ang trabaho ko. Photographer kasi ako, di ba?”

It was followed by a long pause, and then the breaking voice of the horrified pilot went,

“Ay! Hindi po ba kayo yung TUTOR PILOT ko?”

Guess how it all ended…


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