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Food Review 2: The Chelsea Experience


Between the last bite of baby back ribs I had from this restaurant, and the time I started typing the words of this blog entry, I had just about enough time to convince myself to write this food review post. For sure, many better food critics out there have passed their judgment of approval on the splendid fine dining restaurant at Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, and that this one will surely be consigned to the footnotes of their critique, but allow me for just this moment to give my own praises, as well as share my own testimony, of the Chelsea dining experience.

It was our senior pastor, Dr. Benny Abante, Jr.’s birthday last July 15, and we, the preachers and pastoral staff of the church thought of treating him out for lunch. Aside from the usual destination, we were thinking which restaurant would be the best venue to have a fun time over the lunch table with him. One of our preachers had the bright idea of doing it at Chelsea’s.


I first heard of the classy restaurant from one of their resident chefs there and a good friend, Frederick Arellano. Our pastor has eaten there once, and he himself was immediately converted as a believer of this place. We thought of treating him there for a change.

While we waited, I flicked my boss’ Canon camera on and started taking snapshots of the place.





When our pastor arrived, the dishes started coming out. First in line were the salads, and boy did I enjoy it! I’m not really a veggie lover, but when the salad was dished out to me, I never stopped until the last carrot stick was dumped into my watering mouth. The flavors were safely locked into the vegetables, and their tastes mixed just perfect!


Next came the pizza. What I thought was just another dough with tomato paste and other ordinary garnishes, actually turned out to be a totally different take on what pizzas were normally made of. The crust was just thick enough for the eater to enjoy the ingredients more than the dough. And the unique harmony of spice, sourness and sweet tang turned out to be a stunner for us all.


The pasta was just as surprising as the pizza. I liked the carbonara the most, and how its white sauce was just the right thickness, just as the paste was just the right firmness.


I was near half full when the roasted chicken came to our table. While it looked like another fowl browned to perfection, it actually tasted something else–chicken like no other.

Next in line was the salmon fillet. I really don’t like salmons, but this rendition of the stuffy fish as a gourmethas changed me forever, and has now made me a believer in salmon.

And finally, the baby back ribs, whose flesh and meet is easily flaked off the bone, and with sweet taste that lingers long after it has been taken.

We were already full to the brim of our tummies when the clincher came out–Chef Sau’s Selecta Gold ice cream specialty. And even if I was already full, I resolved in my heart that I will never be denied this time of my ice cream pleasure.

All in all, I give Chelsea a 4.7 out of 5.


2 responses

  1. dyanhope

    i agree….we had dinner with the pastor there earlier this year. sobrang OK nga mga food. :D

    July 21, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    • rcandcess

      plus the price was surprisingly reasonable, lalo na pag marami kayong kakain. =)

      July 21, 2009 at 4:01 PM

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