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UAAP S72 Forecast

(Just a squeeze-in. I found this rare video of the closing minutes of UP’s win over Ateneo last July 26. Courtesy of luntianatpula001. )


The only background I have for this next blog is that I used to be our high school paper’s sports page editor. And I can only remember 2 articles I wrote about sports. So this one’s not really a professional perspective, but its more of a fan’s take on how Season 72 of UAAP will end.

The bottom half of the 8 UAAP teams will probably look like this.

5. La Salle

6. AdU

7. UP

8. NU

La Salle’s Archers are now finally fitting into their respective positions, as well as adjusting their performance with the game play being orchestrated by their head tactician Franz Pumaren. But their young line-up can probably bring them only as far. Adamson, one of the teams with the most intact team roster, has finally become a team to reckon, which means their also the team with the most to prove. Had they won over La Salle, they would have been on fifth place. On the other hand, the UP victory over Ateneo has turned into an ace card for the Maroons that could actually further jumble this order, but not if NU can help it. Manny Dandan has now risen as one of the coaches with the experience to back him up, and the hunger to drive him and his team further. Aboy Castro, however, will not be denied his own bragging rights, considering how the chemistry he came up with in teaming up the good veterans and the newbies pulled off well for them in their last outing. And by the way, Aboy is a chemical engineer graduate.

As for the top four, it will probably look like this:

1. ADMU;

2. FEU;

3. UST;

4. UE;

The champs are still on top, and have been consistently acting and playing in such fashion (with the exception of their shocking upset from UP). The experience and brilliant coaching of Norman Black is still the Eagles’ X-factor. They’re expected to still keep the top place for the rest of the season, but that is if FEU will just stay static in their playing pace. But Glen Capacio and the FEU Tamaraws will not be denied this year as a team rightful for the championship contention. UST on the other hand, is the fastest maturing team in UAAP in recent seasons. Their unique fielding of and confidence with their new and sophomore players is a testament to coach Pido Jarencio’s improving grasp of the game, as well as his resilient resolve to prove that their recent championship ring was not a fluke. UE, however, has never been the same without Dindo Pumaren, but with all due respect to the new head coach, is still rich with a lot of fresh players who played well as freshies just last year. Like UST they are also a bunch of fast-maturing players as well.

As for the final two who will slug it out for the championship title, it’s still way too early for that. For now enjoy the 72nd UAAP Season one game at a time.


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