Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Oo Nga Naman 9: Arguments 101 (Rules on Arguing)

Here are the top ten facts, rules and principles to remember every time you engage in a debate with someone. Experience indeed is the best teacher! Check these insights out:

1. Not because you had the final say does it mean you’re right;

2. Quoting Phil Donahue on Bill O’Reilly: “Loud does not mean right.”

3. Statements that end with “ah ganun ba?” are most of the time sarcastic instead of affirmative;

4. Keeping silent after a debate allows you to defeat him/her in your head;

5. The fastest way to let go of the argument is leave the house and come back 12 hours later;

6. Expletives are the lamest ways of answering back a valid argument;

7. If the person you’re arguing takes 4 seconds of pause, the statement “that’s not the point,” and then another 4 seconds of pause, he or she is probably trying to change topic;

8. Saying “sorry” doesn’t always mean you’re wrong;

9. Saying “that’s alright” to the one who said “sorry” doesn’t always make you right either;

10. After all, nobody wins in a debate;

If you’ve got more insights on this, hey, feel free to leave a comment here. =)


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