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The Best TMR Entries by RCandCess 1

I decided to do a top ten wrap-up of some of my entries for the Morning Rush Top Ten, every weekdays from 6-10 AM. Aside from the entries that made it to the top 10, I will also include some entries that did not make it, but are worthy enough to share to our dear avid readers, at least as far as I am concerned.

For our first edition, let’s retrospect a bit to some back issues from way before…

1. Ways to answer the question, “Well, how do I look?”

“Ang itim itim mo na tapos nag-pulbo ka pa… ayan… mukha ka tuloy crinkles!”

2. Most loaded statements…lq

I once told an ex, “You know what, i’m tired of being the only reasonable person in this relationship.”

3. Politically correct way of saying something…

Instead of saying “dudumi” because of LBM, rather say “magda-download sa ebb-site…”

4. Titles for books written by men…

“Confessions of A Battered Husband”

ran5. Titles for books written by women…


6. Moviehouse moments…

“A movie goer was watching an FPJ film. Just when FPJ was to be shot, the moviegoer suddenly blurted out, as if FPJ could hear him, “Fernando sa likod mo!” Of course, according to script, FPJ turns around and shoots the offender down. But the moviegoer, ever since that ‘incident’ has been bragging that he was the guy who saved FPJ.”

7. Ways to say that someone is aging…

“Lagpas ka na sa kalendaryo, pero pasok pa rin sa thermometer.”

8. Funny signboards…

In a tiangge stall in Guadalupe, an ad read “WANTED: Saleslady… male or female.”

9. Signs that you’re outdated…

As we were watching CSI, the uncle of one of our classmates blurted, “Galing talaga nina McGyver ‘no?”

panget talaga10. Ways to answer the question, “Am I Ugly?”

“The answer does not matter… God loves you anyway…”


One response

  1. The best ang No.10…

    minsan sagot ko yan..haha!

    XD ganda ng pic sir!

    August 1, 2009 at 1:26 AM

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