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Ninoy Aquino Guests at 700 Club!

Wow! What a prized videoclip this is! Thanks to tscacbnasia for posting this over at youtube. A rare video footage of Ninoy Aquino’s guesting at Pat Robertson’s famous show “The 700 Club.” I was happy when Ninoy said that he used to watch the show back here in the Philippines during his imprisonment in the late ’70’s, and that he related to the testimonies that were being given by Pat’s guests! And even more I was so happy, when I found out that he met Chuck Colson, had a talk with him, he read Thomas a Kempis’ the Imitation of Christ, and finally,Ninoy’s own words of having realized his need of a Savior! Amazing!

You’ll love the brilliance and testimony of Ninoy in this interview. I’m so glad he got to hear the Word of God!


One response

  1. Aquila Micaller

    i like this video.

    August 18, 2009 at 11:03 PM

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