Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

32 Hours Awake!

I haven’t had any decent sleep since 4 AM yesterday. I began the morning of September 1 with a time lapse video shoot of the sunrise over at Binan, Laguna. I proceeded to Carmona, Cavite for a shoot of the rice fields, cattle, dry parched ground, rivers, mountain sides, fruits, and trees. From there I traveled to Cavite City to take vids of seafarers, seashore waves, calm waters, time lapse of clouds, and fish ponds.

By 3 PM I was back in Manila. Without even a minute to spare, I immediately proceeded to my class. By 6 o’clock I was traveling for Taguig for our prayer meeting. I preached until 9:00 PM.

I traveled back to Manila to convoy with the church members who were going to San Fernando, Pampanga to pay respects to the family of one of our members whose father died last Sunday. I gave a funeral message at 1:30 AM.

We stayed there until around 2:30 AM, and then we traveled back to Manila. We arrived at around 4:00 AM.

I still had some stuff to do, as I was scheduled to speak at a workshop seminar for English students at Mapua. I finished my task at 7:00AM, and soon prepared for the talk.

I arrived at Mapua at 9:00 Am. The lecture started at 10:45.


I had lunch with students who attended the talk until 1:00 PM.

Now I’m back here in the office, still strong enough to tell you of how the last 32 hours have been…



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