Life as it happens. Time as it passes.



It’s so hard these days when the technology you so depend on turns its back on you by crashing or bugging down just when you need them the most.

For example: my laptop.

The last time I opened my laptop was in Baguio City, during the conference I attended. When I arrived in Manila Friday evening, I opened my PC to do my publication tasks, only to find out that my laptop’s speed had slowed down to a crawl. It took a full minute before the cursor actually moved to the direction I moved the mouse. I tried shutting the computer down, but even that was a task too heavy for the gadget.

I tried unplugging the power cord and the battery pack thinking it would restart the whole thing back to normal. But to no avail. The laptop had simply betrayed me with its irritating unreliability in times like these.

The following day, I reformatted the whole thing, thinking it was just a virus. Good thing I had all my files backed up in my external HDD. But after 6 reformats the PC wasn’t just improving in its speed.

I even tried disassembling the memory and the internal hard disk of the laptop. They were all fine, but I was just clueless as to how the laptop ended that way.

It was only Saturday night that a friend came to the rescue and discovered the culprit behind the entire debacle I had just overcome.

The battery pack.

The pack had already served its lifetime, and now it was interfering already with the PC’s performance. My friend advised that I do not put the pack into the laptop anymore. Which means my PC is now fully dependent on the power cord.

Buy a new battery pack? After my wedding maybe. I don’t have four grand as of the moment to spare for a new laptop battery pack.

That’s why it took me this long to reconnect with my blog site.

By tomorrow, I’ll try to catch up with my audience with a story about the road trip back from Baguio.

Ciao guys. =)


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