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Obituary: Ptr. Samuel Sandoval (1961-2009)

Pastor Samuel "Sam" Sandoval (1961-2009)

Pastor Samuel "Sam" Sandoval (1961-2009)

Allow me to take this time and blog space to honor a fellow servant in the ministry, Ptr. Samuel Sandoval, who passed away this afternoon at 4. He was 48.

Ptr. Sam, as he was fondly called by his friends and co-laborers, got saved from a life that was going down the drain through drug addiction. After overcoming a suicide attempt during the years of his wandering and waywardness, Ptr. Sam met the Lord and experienced the genuine conversion of his life from a life of bondage to a life of freedom.

From then on, Ptr. Sam dedicated his life to becoming God’s servant. He was the pastor of the Living Bread Baptist Church of Punta, Sta. Ana.

His involvement in social change came when he had an encounter with the senior pastor of the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, Dr. Benny Abante, Jr. Their partnership in bringing social and spiritual change in their immediate community gave birth to the Christian Leaders for Good Government, now a national organization of evangelical pastors and preachers aiming at effecting moral reformation in the country.

canon2 014When Dr. Abante became a public servant, both as councilor and congressman, Ptr. Sam gave his and his church’s full support to the advocacies of Dr. Abante. He would be the regular speaker in major evangelistic events sponsored by the Bible Believers’ League for Morality and Democracy, or the BIBLEMODE, both in and out of his immediate community. He was also one of the sought-after speakers in youth rallies, as well as spiritual leader for most of the barangay officials of the district, in his capacity as CLGG President.

His partnership with Dr. Abante and the MBBC goes beyond their advocacy for their community. Just recently, Ptr. Sam became the chaplain of the Ben Abante Baptist Bible College. It was in this capacity that the Lord called him home to graduation.

His last pulpit stand was during chapel hour of the BABBC. Just before he could finish his third point, he emphasized and challenged his audience that “we should preach, as if it would be our last: just like me right now. I am preaching as if this will be my last message. Remember this outline. This might be my last.”

And with full dynamism and energy, it was his last.

The entire Metropolitan Ministries, from our Senior Pastor, Dr. Benny Abante, Jr., all the way to the members, are one and united in sending our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Sandoval, their two daughters, and to the members of the Living Bread Baptist Church of Punta, Sta. Ana. We are praying for you and your family.

To Ptr. Sam, you graduated with your boots on. Indeed, your life is an example of faithfulness, dedication, loyalty, and excellent service for the Lord.


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