Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Happy Birthday Onlee!


This is somewhat a “peace offering” for a good friend whose birthday I almost missed by three hours. But I’m quite aware that it’s a Yellow Cab Pizza that will do the trick of appeasing her. Nevertheless, here goes my attempt at making up to her–HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONLEE!

She’s nicknamed so for her being the only daughter in the family. Very few people are entitled to calling her by her full name, Ma. Katrina. Having mentioned it, you already know one who is entitled.

We both came from the same university, although from different campuses–she from Manila, while me from Diliman. Aside from our faith and friendship, Onlee and I work together in putting up some of our church’s video research support presentations, along with my other team mates. For today, she deserves to be singled out of that list.

And for many other reasons that this blog will fail to mention, she indeed deserves this post, this greet, this humble apology for not having placed a post-it on my head that today was her natal day.

Hope the last four paragraphs and the candid picture attached here were good enough for an initial “sorry” for the delayed greeting. As soon as enough resources are afforded me, that Charlie Chan won’t be waiting long on YC’s freezers.

From me and my Princess, Happy Birthday, Onlee!


One response

  1. bday ghurl

    well, in that case… you’re forgiven! pasalamat ka you picked a nice pic… =) hehehe… thanks rc!

    October 14, 2009 at 11:14 PM

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