Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Happy Birthday to My Mom’s Birth Certificate

It goes a little something like this: my mom was really born October 18, 1961. But in her birth certificate, it records she was born on the 15th The confusion of dates were only made clear more than four decades after my mom was born. And thus, we were buying cakes, eating pancit, and celebrating an event 3 days in advanced.

But, I guess since we’ve been used to celebrating my mom’s natal day for many years on the wrong date, we might as well put the miscue into good use. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

The real celebration, though will be on Sunday. Sadly, though, my presence won’t be felt that day, as I would be traveling to Bicol for our school’s National Student Convention.

Apparently, my kid brother Tim is also celebrating his birthday on the 18th. That makes it two missed parties in one day. Awwww.

But, as soon as I’m back from our victory (as early as now I am claiming it!), I will make it up to my mom and my brother.

So, once again, to my mom’s birth certificate, it’s your day today! Enjoy the fruits of your typographical error! =)


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