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Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 14)

We just gave out the first set of invitations to our principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, and our other guests. How I wish I could get everybody special to me and Cess together in one gathering, but the funds aren’t enough for that big a crowd. I do realize that they all love me and Cess so much that just to know that we’re getting married is reason enough for them to join us in celebrating the Big W which is, beeteedoubleyou, 21 DAYS FROM NOW!

We also found a better place to move in. It costs more than the previous one we found, but it’s better, more spacious, and it has a view of the metropolis skyline. Hopefully, nobody else is talking with the place’s landlady, and that we would finally get that house for our move-in.

Tomorrow, the marriage license will be out, and I’ll be picking that up over at the Manila City Hall. And while I’m at it, I plan to drop by SM Manila to check out a nice, brand new pair of wedding shoes. Ain’t that nice?!

Well so much for the updates. I’m quite on the run this week. Hopefully, I can get to update you more with the upcoming activities preluding the Big W!


Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 13)

The trivia addict in me had me thinking what could be the other significant events that happened on December 21. I am quite sure that aside from my wedding day, other events, whether powerful or tragic, also happened on the same date. So here’s a rundown on what else makes our wedding date a special date:

1. Hollywood stars Keifer Sutherland, Ray Romano, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jane Fonda were born on December 21.

2. Other significant figures born on December 21 were People’s Republic of China President Hu Jintao, musician Frank Zappa, American talk show host Phil Donahue, Rhode Island Colonist and America’s first Baptist Preacher Roger Williams, former Great Britain Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, and Tennis Player Chris Evert.

3. The Winter Soltsice, the day in every year that has the longest hours of night, happens on December 21;

4. In Philippine tragic history, the MV Doña Paz sank on this day;

5. The Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was first shown on this day 74 years ago;

6. Charlie Chaplin’s first silent-film comedy was released on this day 95 years ago;

7. The first crossword puzzle was published also on December 21 96 years ago;

8. The first ever game of basketball was played on this day in 1891;

9. Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium on December 21, 1898;

10. The Pilgrims landed on the historic Plymouth Rock on December 21, 1620;


Well, so far for the trivia. Here are the other pictures from the pamamanhikan:


Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 12)

Cess' parents and my dad and Tim pose for a snapshot, moments after I got The Approval! Success!

Finally, the long-sought-for approval has been given!

We had an unforgettable time together yesterday as me and my kin formally asked for Cess’ parents’ approval on us getting married. The three-hour travel to Cess’ hometown in Sta. Cruz, Laguna was all worth it, as we got to know Cess’ family up close personal, as well as them getting to know our kin.

Cess' One Big Happy Family

As formalities, my father opened the whole thing with a prayer. He then officially signified the intent of our visit there yesterday. When it was my turn to speak, I kind of mixed up the sequence of the whole talk. It was a funny moment, as everyone there were trying to coach me up on what I was supposed to be talking about. So, finally, when I got my thoughts outlined in my head, I formally declared my intention of marrying Cess. I shared to them my true feelings, motives, and desires to make this new chapter in our lives as meaningful, enjoying, blessed, and God-centered as possible.

The Patriarchs: My dad opens the "pamamanhikan" with a prayer, together with Cess' dad

Cess’ dad, Daddy Eric, gave his full approval to our plan. He reminded me to love Cess with all my heart, protect her, provide for her, and take care of her. Mommy Carol was the next who gave her innermost feelings about the new found life we are about to take. She gave a lengthier piece of advice for both of us (after all, she is the mom), just before she gave her nod for both of us. After a short prayer by Tito Rey, we went ahead with the “kainan.”

Po-po-po-poke his face, po-po-poke his face... momomomoooogh!

The crowd reacts to a joke that I pulled off

Kelangan pa ba ng caption to?

We also got to visit two of our would-be godmothers, Mrs. Lolita Acuin and Mrs. Celet Bondoc, just before we left for Manila at 7PM. Cess was left there in Laguna for a few more hours, while me and my family were headed back. We arrived at around 10, while Cess arrived at around 12 midnight.

The next most important talk in our list now would be our counseling time with our Senior Pastor. His guidance, wisdom, and example, are definitely important and essential for starting a family the right way. I am looking forward to that heart-to-heart talk with our father in the faith.

The pix are high resolution, and I have a hard time loading them up, so pardon me please if you don’t get to see more of the stolen moments for now. But as soon as I got their embees reduced, I’ll have them loaded up here.

It’s 25 days to go before the Big W!

Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 11)

Pinoys are known for their sentimentalism. They have this unique way of getting attached to certain features of an event, object, or person. Oftentimes, they are most felt during paradigm shifts in a person’s life. One such instance would be a wedding pretty much similar like mine.

Yesterday was the last official month-sary for me and Cess. It was really uneventful, as both of us, actually were very much occupied with our own separate tasks for the day, but we had already made plans of making last night quite special. After all, it will be the last 24th of the month that we will celebrate as fiances. The next celebration would be marked on the 21st.

Looking back at both our lives for the last eight years, I can say I have no regrets at all. Of course, there were some miscues that we took, but they all turned out for our good. And now, as I bid goodbye to this social status that we call “in a relationship” and say hello to “married to” I am quite confident that, indeed, I am ready to take this to the next level.

Today, my family will be going to Cess’ hometown at Sta. Cruz, Laguna for the traditional “pamamanhikan.” This is just a formality of actually asking permission from Cess’ parents that we have decided to live it out on our own as husband and wife. The plans have already been, and are still being, ironed out, and we would want to involve all the important people in our lives in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The thing is, I actually have my hands full of stuff to accomplish. But I’m really not complaining. I’m just asking that God would give me enough strength not just to finish these things off my to-do list, but more importantly, to be able to understand the sense, the meaning, the grand purpose of all of these, in time.

Wish me the best as I ask Cess away from her family, and be with me… forevermore.

It’s just 26 days to go before the Big W!

Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 10)

We just had our wedding rings fitted for us last Saturday over at the “Before I Do” Wedding Exhibit at the Megamall Megatrade Center. We were worrying that we wouldn’t find the design we wanted in that store, since it was four months ago when they had their previous exhibit at The NBC Tent. But we were relieved to find it on display, and immediately asked the attendant, Tina, to have ours fitted. Hopefully, the rings will be out on December 9.

The exhibit actually had a raffle going on, and we had no idea about it. So Cess and I were a bit surprised that we were entitled to one ticket for every P500 worth of purchase. I won’t tell you how many tickets we had, but for sure, we had more than the number of fingers and toes both of us have, combined! Thanks to our sponsor who requested anonymity. =)

Towards the end of our tour around the exhibit, we were treated to a free meal courtesy of our very good friends Virlie and Onlee, who are also set to tie the knot next year. We were even serenaded by MeloManila with my requested song “Forevermore.” I even got to sing the song duet with their singer, Jessica. Kudos to her for singing the request which was meant for a high-pitched guy singer. Thanks also to the band, who even gave us a freebie sample of their album. I have their tracks now on my player.

Yesterday night, I also had my fitting for my wedding barong. Thanks to Ms. Miles Almiñe and her brother, the police captain-slash-A-class tailor Pr. Arnel for being our official tailors.

The wedding invites are also out of the press, thanks to RCPM Printing. We shall have it given out by next week hopefully.

Could you believe it, guys? The Big W is just FOUR WEEKS AWAY!

Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 9)

Cess and I just arrived from the Manila City Hall. We just finished our seminar over at the Manila Health Center, which is a requirement for all couples applying for a marriage license. It will be officially released on December 1.

For those of you planning to get married, here are some tips you might want to really, really follow:

1. If you’re over 24 years old, you don’t have to apply for a Certificate of No Record of Marriage (at least for Manila residents);

2. Marriage licenses are valid for up to four months upon issue. That means, you will have to get married with 120 days after the license have been released. If you get married after that period, the wedding is nullified;

3. After your wedding, you only have 15 days to file your marriage certificate. If you fail to do so, you will go through another taxing process, which is the late registration application;

4. ALWAYS bring with you your valid ID’s, and a photocopy of it. Make sure that the ID bears the address of the residence you put in your license applications;

5. Prepare P120 for the tax payments;

It’s just 32 days to go before the Big W!

Happy Birthday Kiszel

I am greeting my one and only biological sister, Kiszel, a happy, happy, happy 2_th birthday!

As of the time of this writing, my sister is trapped inside the review center where she enrolled, preparing for the much-awaited (errr… dreaded) nursing board exams. We are all praying that God would just grant her the desires of her heart come exam day next Saturday.

I remember seeing her dress up as a nurse during her elementary days, when her class would have those commencement exercise presentations. I have always found that costume fitting for her. Even years after, when she finally had her duties as a nurse-in-training in the hospitals, she just looked amazing wearing those white uniforms. I am one of the thousands asking the Lord that the next time she wears a nurse’s uniform, it would be for real.

Well, so much for prophecies and tearjerker statements!

Happy birthday Ineng! I hope you’ll have a blessed birthday today! God bless!

Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 21

I think its time Michael Buffer start learning the Filipino language.

After convincingly vanquishing Miguel Cotto, and eventually taking his seventh world title, Manny Pacquiao now deserves something else other than just the recognition of being one of the world’s greatest boxers. I guess he deserves a gesture fitting the Filipino champion, coming from no less than the world’s highest paid ring announcer.

I have heard Buffer many a times introduce Mexican and Puerto Rican boxers in their native tongues, but not once did he introduce Pacman in either Tagalog or Bisaya. Not that the Filipino crowd does not understand English, but I guess there were also Mexicans and Puerto Ricans inside the MGM Grand, as well as the ‘millions watching around the world’ who understand English as well. But why do they get to hear an emphatic introduction from Buffer in their own language, while the people’s champ, the eventual winner, the seven-time world title champion, gets to be introduced in another’s vernacular?

While this is somewhat trivial, I believe Manny Pacquiao deserves a special gesture for re-writing boxing history. Yes, he got the belt and the prestige that goes with it, alright, but of course he should–he’s the winner after all. But for Michael Buffer to announce ‘Ang karangalan ng mga Pilipinoooooo…’ as he calls on Pacman is something right?

Of course, Manny, humble and unassuming as he is, really has no complexities inside him to indulge in such a gesture. And he doesn’t have to–let the Filipino faithful who were made proud by this General Santos City native clamor that the next time Pacquiao enters the ring, he would hear an introduction very much familiar to him.

Thanks to Manny, it’s about time the world look up to us Filipinos.