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Happy Birthday Sesame Street

I have to admit: I love Sesame Street! I grew up watching the Muppets, their funny antics, and up to this very day, I still memorize some of the songs like “♪♫who are the people in your neighborhood♪♫” and “♪♫12345, 678910, 11 12♫♪.” I still remember the closing words that go “Sesame Street is a production of the Children’s Television Workshop.”

In fact, our very own Pinoy version, Batibot, actually borrowed Pong Pagong and Kikong Matsing from Sesame Street. In case you do not know, these two characters were original brainchildren of the father of all the muppets, the late great Jim Henson.

I don’t think it to be neo-colonial to watch these kind of shows that educate and instill moral values to kids as young as they are. Only that, there should be a healthy balance in patronizing our own curriculum being adopted into shows.

Allow me to post the following videos courtesy of youtube. This first one is the opening theme for the show, which ran during the 70’s. It’s almost nostalgic to hear this theme all over again:

Here’s one that’s a tearjerker, but definitely one that deserves a standing ovation from all of us, as much as it did from the people who were in this clip. This is a part of the memorial service given for Jim Henson in 1990. Watch it:

And finally, my most unforgettable episode or segment of the show, is this one, where the Count gets to sleep over at Ernie and Bert’s house. As a kid, I find this so hilarious!


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