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Food Review 4: Som’s Noodle House

Image000_1Sometimes, the most sought-after diner in town is not found inside the malls or along the busy urban highways of the metropolis. And you’d be surprised to find out that, sometimes, their just on the other side of the fence inside a subdivision.

Thanks to one of my best friends Sant, we discovered Som’s Noodle House just within the subdivision adjacent to the Rockwell Center in Makati (not Bel-Air, if that’s what you’re thinking). The home-based diner/canteen specializes on Thai dishes, and has been featured in several television shows, highlighting the fact that this frequently visited eatery doesn’t even have a dining hall–it simply boasts of serving you the best Thai cuisines in town just along the street.


Ms. Yam and Cess strike a pose in front of the counter. Sant is seen here placing our orders. Yum!

Me, Cess, Sant, Philip, Dyan, Ms. Yam and my kid brother Tim tried out some of the most recommended dishes. Since I was on a strict regimen, the orders were mainly fish and chicken. We ordered two spring rolls, spicy grounded chicken, chicken on oyster sauce, seafood rice, chicken rice and pork rice (for those who were craving for it). I forgot the last two dishes we ordered (because by that time, I was already so into the meal on my plate), but they were both chicken dishes.

Just the first spoonful of the Thai delicacy and I immediately fell in love with it. The spicy taste wasn’t like anything spicy I have ever tasted before. And I have to admit, before my encounter here at Som’s I really had no liking for Thai delicacy. But after that wonderful dining experience, I’ll sure be craving for more of their dishes.

For one, the flavor of the spices are precisely locked inside the meat. Even without the oyster sauce, the chicken alone had its unique tang. And the meat was so tender, just a few chews will do to unlock the flavors in your mouth. Plus, the unique thing about the spicy taste of the dishes was that the it was spicy after you’ve swallowed it, not on the tongue itself. That means you get to eat more while enjoying the spiciness, rather than gulping iced water to quench the hot feeling.


And since you’re eating on the street, you have the feeling that you’re in Bangkok. With just a teacup candle illuminating your table, the ambiance is rather homey than outdoors. It was really fun eating there.

And the price? Very affordable. We ate a meal good enough for more than 8 people, and we only paid no more than 200 bucks each!

If you’re anywhere near Rockwell, ask around for Som’s Noodle House. Go get some of your friends who haven’t tried Thai dishes, and I’m sure their in for a very delectable treat!


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