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Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 21

I think its time Michael Buffer start learning the Filipino language.

After convincingly vanquishing Miguel Cotto, and eventually taking his seventh world title, Manny Pacquiao now deserves something else other than just the recognition of being one of the world’s greatest boxers. I guess he deserves a gesture fitting the Filipino champion, coming from no less than the world’s highest paid ring announcer.

I have heard Buffer many a times introduce Mexican and Puerto Rican boxers in their native tongues, but not once did he introduce Pacman in either Tagalog or Bisaya. Not that the Filipino crowd does not understand English, but I guess there were also Mexicans and Puerto Ricans inside the MGM Grand, as well as the ‘millions watching around the world’ who understand English as well. But why do they get to hear an emphatic introduction from Buffer in their own language, while the people’s champ, the eventual winner, the seven-time world title champion, gets to be introduced in another’s vernacular?

While this is somewhat trivial, I believe Manny Pacquiao deserves a special gesture for re-writing boxing history. Yes, he got the belt and the prestige that goes with it, alright, but of course he should–he’s the winner after all. But for Michael Buffer to announce ‘Ang karangalan ng mga Pilipinoooooo…’ as he calls on Pacman is something right?

Of course, Manny, humble and unassuming as he is, really has no complexities inside him to indulge in such a gesture. And he doesn’t have to–let the Filipino faithful who were made proud by this General Santos City native clamor that the next time Pacquiao enters the ring, he would hear an introduction very much familiar to him.

Thanks to Manny, it’s about time the world look up to us Filipinos.


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