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Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 9)

Cess and I just arrived from the Manila City Hall. We just finished our seminar over at the Manila Health Center, which is a requirement for all couples applying for a marriage license. It will be officially released on December 1.

For those of you planning to get married, here are some tips you might want to really, really follow:

1. If you’re over 24 years old, you don’t have to apply for a Certificate of No Record of Marriage (at least for Manila residents);

2. Marriage licenses are valid for up to four months upon issue. That means, you will have to get married with 120 days after the license have been released. If you get married after that period, the wedding is nullified;

3. After your wedding, you only have 15 days to file your marriage certificate. If you fail to do so, you will go through another taxing process, which is the late registration application;

4. ALWAYS bring with you your valid ID’s, and a photocopy of it. Make sure that the ID bears the address of the residence you put in your license applications;

5. Prepare P120 for the tax payments;

It’s just 32 days to go before the Big W!


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