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Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 15)

December is finally here. And that means I’ve got only 20 DAYS TO GO for the Big W!

I just got home from the city hall, where I picked up our marriage license. This means, by law, I can FINALLY get married to Cess. And that also means, by law, I can ONLY get married to Cess. The license is ctually good for the next four months. As a matter of fact, when I checked the expiry date of the license, I found out it will be exactly on my birthday, March 31. My driver’s license is also expiring on the same date next year. Wow! So much for coincidences!

I also finally bought, not just one, but two pairs of formal shoes. I was thinking of buying the more expensive one, but as I was going around Robinson’s Place Ermita, I found a pair of GBX size 8 leather shoes. The soft leather skin inside the shoes was what attracted me to by the pair, plus the fact that it’s less expensive than the other one I was eyeing to buy.

As I was fitting the shoes, I looked at my old, worn out shoes. I pitied the pair, but nonetheless gave them a silent applause inside my heart for having lasted almost two years. Usually, I retire a pair just before a full year. This pair actually went the distance. A record breaker actually.

So, with money to spare, I bought another pair, this time a much cheaper one, with the intention of both buying a new pair, as well as preserving the life of the wedding shoes I had just bought. Over at the department store, I saw a Mario D’Boro, and it was just what I was looking for. After just a few fits, I found the right pair, and for the first time in my life, I was walking out of the department store with two pairs of shoes.

I think my checklist is down to the following:

– pre-nup photography;

– wedding ring;

– wedding apparel (for me and Cess);

– the final count of all the guests;

– pre-marriage counseling with my senior pastor;

– floral arrangements;

– reception program;

– marriage contract;

– bridal car;

– wedding music playlist;

I’ll be checking with my coordinator and best man, Sant, on what else have I missed.



One response

  1. Specialist

    RC! Malapit na malapit na! 3 weeks na lang.

    December 2, 2009 at 1:55 PM

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