Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Napag-uusapan Lang Naman 22

photo courtesy of yahoo news

I have been thinking twice whether or not to push through with this squeezed-in blog entry about the hot water Tiger Woods is now in. Supposedly, I have dedicated this month for the remainder of my diary entries about our wedding. But at some point, while reading about a news item on Woods’ illicit affair with Jaimee Grubbs, I cannot help but look into my own life and kind of reflect as well, 18 days before I face the sacred vow of marriage with Cess.

Nobody’s perfect, ergo, no husband-and-wife relationship is either. But even in the very act of accepting our innate imperfection as human beings, we have varying degrees of disdain for infidelity among couples. I say ‘varying’ because our disdain can change the moment we move from public juror against an unfaithful acquaintance or public figure, to either apparent victim or accomplice. One moment you might be the one passing judgment on someone, the next you’re the one escaping.

I’m supposed to say ‘nobody wants to go through the dilemma of infidelity in their respective relationships’, but the statistics are saying otherwise–or at least not as a matter of premeditated infidelity. One out of nearly five married couples are compromised by illicit affairs, all ending up in either divorce or annulment. This statistic is a world figure, even for a country like ours who boast of strong family ties, family values, and religiosity.

My mind and fingers have never been as tentative as now about putting up this entry. But, at least I can have something up here that would remind me to take a long, hard look on my life before I make critical decisions about my marriage, sort of an anti-‘holier-than-thou’ weapon. Like every other man reflecting upon himself less than three weeks before his wedding, I am also praying. Praying for the best that God, in His sovereignty, would give me and Cess as a gift for our lives as husband and wife.

I believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment, not just by the couple to each other, but to God as well. For me, if Tiger and Elin will both put their faith God as they go through this, I think they can emerge out of the foggy uncertainty that now lies ahead of them.


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