Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 22)

I can’t believe it… I finally came to the last two-digit countdown before my big wedding… 10 DAYS TO GO!

And so far, we were able to accomplish A LOT!

Just now I arrived from the jewelry shop with Cess, and finally the rings are out, and officially our! Take a good look:

Wow! Man, aren’t they the two most beautiful metal circles you have ever seen in the world? Thanks to Anonymous for this wonderful gift, as well as to Golden Hills for the rings.

Also, we finally paid the second half of the deposit for the house we will be renting starting Monday. Cess and I went there last Wednesday to check on the clean-up.

Hopefully by Tuesday, after the paint has dried, we can start dusting off the house, as well as buy a new set of linoleum for the flooring.

A snapshot of the still crudely looking house from the inside, while Cess chats with the land lady outside

Cess is estimating how many yards of linoleum we are buying for the floor.

Tomorrow, we’ll be pushing through with an early pre-nup photo session. I will have to run to NAIA for my trip to Tacloban with my senior pastor for a three-day event there.

Well, guys, this is it! The last ten days of my life as a bachelor. Please do pray for me, as I have been waking up with a bad headache since four days ago. I would really, really want to have the much needed rest for my body just before my Big W.

‘Til next entry, guys!


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