Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 25)

Top Ten Things I’m Now Ready To Do On My Wedding Day:

#7: I think I’m now ready to stop texting Cess ‘good morning. I love you’ every morning, after eight solid years. By next week, I’ll be telling it to her in person, and for the rest of my every waking moment.

Well, I just arrived from Tacloban via PR 392, together with my senior pastor, after a successful anniversary of our 9-year old work there. Upon arrival, we went straight here to church, waited a few more minutes, before me and the rest of the staff were all cleared to go ahead with our respective tasks for the day. For me, that means, getting back at the preps for the Big W. After all, I am now on my FINAL WEEK AS A BACHELOR!

This is my last Monday blog as a single guy.

Among the many things that happened over the previous week-end, my wardrobe is finally done, courtesy of Ms. Miles Almiñe, Capt. Arnel Almiñe, and their dad. I haven’t seen it yet personally, but Cess saw it already last night. She said they’d look so good on me, she’d run up the altar come our wedding day! Awww… exaggeratingly sweet! =)

Thanks also to all of those who dropped by my Facebook wall and the previous post before this one, and checked out the pre-nup photos. Thanks again to my official photographer, Obed Cutaran.

I wish I could write on, but my body is begging for a rest right now. We still have staff meeting, and I will still be prepping up some stuff for our caroling nights starting tomorrow evening.

But before that, you have got to see this one first.

Sweet November


Sweet December

Move over, Keanu and Charlize!

’til then, guys!


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