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Forevermore: The Wedding Diary Edition (part 27)

Top Ten Things I’m Now Ready To Do On My Wedding Day:

#5: I think I’m now ready to wear the most envied barong on December 21… wait… I think the barong is ready to be worn by the most envied man on December 21.

I just came from my latest check-up on the house, and finally, it’s all cleared and ready for occupancy. I’m dropping by my parents’ house later to pick up the linoleum for the flooring. Hopefully, mom and dad would just give to me the old but still elegant carpet that they’re no longer using.

We’re also due to pay the last remaining balance for the reception, as well as make arrangements with Diners’ Dreemhaus to prepare a meal exclusively for our senior pastor, Dr. Benny Abante, Jr. He is diabetic, and he is very careful with the food prepared before him. That’s why to all our MBBC members who are planning to invite the pastor to your reception, here’s your checklist:

1. No pork or read meat. Just fish or chicken;

2. No sugar or salt added. If it’s a meal using sweet and sour sauce, use Splenda for the sweetener;

3. Brown rice is preferred. No refined white rice, please;

4. If the place serves pasta, it would be much more wonderful for him (he likes pasta), plus of course virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar;

Well, we’re down to the LAST FIVE DAYS of prep time before the Big W. I look at the previous blog post, and I guess I can things done before weekend. We’re off to Tagaytay on Saturday to pick up the flowers and some other floral arrangements. I have yet to hear from our design and decoration team what are their final plans for the church sanctuary. After today, I could safely say I would have unloaded more than half of this week’s burden.

For those of you waiting for the final chapter of ‘Forevermore: The Story of RC and Cess’ it will be coming out on Saturday and Sunday’s post. You would not want to miss that.


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