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Sweet December: The RCandCess Wedding (part 4)

December 21, 10:05

And so the ceremony began.

Unlike most churches, our church begins the whole wedding ceremony in a different way by having the groom and the best man fetching the officiating minister from his holding office, and all three of them march first towards the altar. When they’re in their proper places, then the processional begins.

My parents led the processional, which was followed by the principal sponsors:

Mr. and Mrs. Cezar and Tess Cayanan

Mrs. Marie Paz Abante, our senior pastor's beloved wife

Eng'r. Rey Gatapia and Mrs. Celet Bondoc

Mr. Manny Magistrado Jr. and Mrs. Rose Parolan

Ptr. Robert Malit and Mrs. Edith Alinsunod

Mr. Virlie Borreros and Mrs. Tess Liwanag

Pr. Wilson Tan and Mrs. Josie Saguindan

Pr. Efren Gatapia and Ms. Lourdes Cielo

Half of the pairs of principal sponsors came in a bit later, so we went ahead with the secondary sponsors:

Mr. Gerald Parolan and Ms. Dyan Dampal

Mr. Benny Fog Abante and Ms. Onlee Lacambra

Mr. Jericho Dizon and Ms. Kiszel Cayanan

Then came down the aisle our lovely maid of honor, Ms. Rich Abante, who’s also set to tie the knot this coming August:

Two of the four flower girls we picked from our relatives eventually became uncooperative during the ceremonies, Kyla and Ren Ren:

And the other two, well, they’re all grown up to know how to scatter the petals on the floor:

Jairah Flores

Chem Chem Gatapia

And the boys where just as dashing as the best-dressed men in the auditorium that day:

EJ Gatapia

Timothy Denzel Cayanan

Our very talented musicians, led by Ms. Yam Abarca, began playing an orchestrated arrangement of the Side A song ‘Forevermore’ to signal the bride’s arrival:

And finally, the luckiest bride in town comes…

(to be continued…)


Sweet December: The RCandCess Wedding (part 3)

December 21, 9:30AM

Blue and silver, with a hint of lavender. I thought that was good combination for a wedding motif. Well, I have to admit, I only thought it was good because the rhyme sounded good. I never really realized it actually looked good as a mix for a wedding. When Cess and I started planning for the wedding, we only thought of having a two-color motif–blue and silver. Over the course of the preparations one of our friends suggested that we add a third color that would complement the other two. I honestly had my reservations: after all, I am a dimwit when it comes to combining hues. It was Cess who actually agreed to have lavender as the third color.

So when I began making the logo for the wedding, it was only then I realized how unique the combination was. But then I wasn’t quite sure if the mix was applied to the decorations themselves. Perhaps that was one of the many other reasons why I had a hard time sleeping on the eve of the wedding: I was trying to imagine how the church sanctuary would look like with the motif.

Well, when I arrived at the church, I immediately fell in love with the set up:

To elaborate a bit, our church sanctuary is more than just a worship place. As an edifice for spiritual gatherings, it also serves as venues for church and missions conferences, revival meetings, youth seminars, and many others. It is uniquely designed in such a way that other special activities of the church, such as weddings, can be set up according to how the marrying members would want it, but in accordance with the church’s decorum of decency, dignity, and sanctity. Over the course of time, the way wedding decorations have been made in our church were basically the same one after the other. The only differences between them would appear in the color motif, floral arranging, the drapings, altar and aisle details, and seating arrangements

I arrived just in time to see the AVC Department of our church setting up for the event. ONe of our ninongs, Eng’r. Efren Gatapia, heads the department, but for this particular day, he’s taking time out from the control room, to be seated among the church pews to witness our wedding.

My dad had also just arrived. All clad in his newly-bought  barong tagalog, he congratulated me, hugged me, and posed with me for our pre-wedding photo ops.

The flowers, which I was most anxious about, somehow survived the night to re-bloom for the wedding. They were perfectly scattered all across the auditorium, giving the indoor look a bit of an outdoor ambience.

I’d like to personally thank Ms. Jean Duatin, Ms. Stephanie Pascua and Bro. Zaldy Basinang for really pouring out their heart and soul into preparing the decorations of the church sanctuary for the wedding.

While I was busy handling the guests and the people upstairs, Cess had just arrived and was waiting down stairs together with her bridesmaids and my best man, who slipped for a while to see the ladies.

A few minutes later, Cess’ maid of honor, Ms. Rich Abante, arrived.

After a few “mug shots”…

…Rich led the girls in praying for their dear friend who was about to move to the next chapter of her life.

Finally, the bride was ready to walk down the aisle…

Sweet December: The RCandCess Wedding (part 2)

December 21, 6:01 AM

A couple of blocks away from the hotel where me and my best man were checked in was the Isabelle Royale Hotel, where Cess, her mom, sister and a couple of our other female entourage were billeted. Cess and her company had just woken up to the blaring snooze of 6 cellphones inside their suite–all united to remind them that the big day had finally come.

A few minutes later, Blackshirts Photography point guy Obed Cutaran arrived just in time before the make up crew was about to set things up for Cess. The rookie photographer armed himself with his own Canon EO5 and started capturing some of the most lovely pictures ever taken of Cess:

Cess also had most of the wedding emblems with her:

Prepping Cess up was a whole lot easier with her mom, Mommy Carol, around. In fact, it was Mommy Carol, a designer gown expert, who personally handcrafted Cess’ wedding gown. Thanks ma!

9:30 AM

Finally, the bride was ready.

And just in case you’ve never seen an XUV become a bridal car, look again…

Comfortably seated inside the Nissan X-Trail lent to us by one of our ninangs, Mrs. Marites Liwanag, Cess was just 10 minutes away from the venue where she was about to face God and a little over a hundred witnesses, and there pledge her eternal love, commitment and submission to the man he had learned to love for the last eight years.

A couple of minutes earlier than Cess arrived, the proudest groom in town had already come, nervous but all kept together, checking if every minute detail of the decoration had been executed as planned.

Find out next time how the sanctuary looked like during the wedding day…

(to be continued)

Sweet December: The RCandCess Wedding (part 1)


Finally, after 23 days of married life, I found it in me to narrate to you how the Cayanan-Dizon Nuptial took place last December 21. And if you ask me to explain why only now am I re-telling the story, you’ll either find it awkward or rational if I say watching the movie 500 Days of Summer just this morning actually nudged me into jumpstarting this fresh new series. Albeit, I always find it rewarding and relaxing to be in front of the computer, doodling about my love life, which is now on totally different plane than three weeks and two days ago.

And so this brand new blog series is born.

I would like to thank all the people who made the RC and Cess Wedding a big hit. I also would like to thank en masse all the friends, relatives and close companions who wished us well on our wedding day in all possible means of communication. I’m thinking of putting all the online greets in hard copy format and post them on a scrap book, just to make it an official guest book greet.

Let’s see how this new story goes…


Me and my best man Crisant got a place at the Lourdes Suites in Makati Avenue, which is actually a stone’s throw away from where Cess checked in, at Isabelle Royale. Quarter before 12, me and Sant went to the nearby Rufo’s to have our late dinner–my last dinner as a bachelor. We had a few chitchats about the upcoming big event for half an hour before we decided to go back to the hotel.

My head was still uneasy, not about the wedding, but the details of it. Some of the flowers that came in from Baguio were ready to wilt away, and I was beginning to worry if they’ll survive the night to make it the following day at ten. Our floral arrangers Jean Duatin, Zaldy Basinang and Stephanie Pascua assured me that they’ll all be fine come wedding day. Although I took their word, I can’t help but be worried. Probably, I really just needed the sleep.

And for the last time, I texted Cess good night as a bachelor.

December 21, 5:58 AM

For the last time, I woke up Cess as a bachelor. And in that text, I asked her again…

“Good morning ga! I love you! Will you marry me?”

Of course the reply was…

“Good morning ga! Yes! I love you too!”

A few more minutes passed and my photographer Philip Dampal of Blackshirts Photography arrived for the pictorials. After I got all fixed up and ready, the photographer fired away with his Canon EO5 Mark II.

We then moved upstairs to the roof deck for the better half of the pictorial session. Here are Philip’s takes:

And of course, how can my best man miss his own photo ops?

A few blocks away from where we were staying, another photo session was taking place. This time, it was for the luckiest bride that day…

(to be continued)

Casa Real De Acuzar Photos

First note: I apologize for this blog’s erratic behavior. As early as this first month of the year, I have been plunged into an oddly schedule work load, unlike anything I have ever been into. It’s not really that hectic–it’s just uncharacteristically erratic. So please pardon your humble servant for having not faithfully followed your daily regimen of a healthy blog post each day from me.

So¬† much for the apologies. Let’s fire away…


Me and a select few of our church staff went with our Senior Pastor to Casa Real de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. It’s a three hour drive from Manila to one of the most remote seashore resorts in the historic town of Bagac. I say it’s remote because the way going there seems leading to the end of the world. Right from the town road all the way to the last meter of pavement, the road gets narrower and narrower until you’re surrounded by tall grasses and fluttering dragonflies. But just beyond that, here’s what you see…

The resort started out as a simple leisure area for the owner, who was into preserving and rebuilding Filipino-Castillian houses (the owner is a contractor). He soon found out that these old-style houses gave him the relaxing aura, relieving him of urban stress and pressure. Every week-end he would retreat to this bayside area of his and spend time building an old-style house for himself. It went on to be coming a hobby for him.

It would take him 10 years to realize that he had already built 21 old-style houses.

Then the brilliant idea popped up: why don’t I turn this into a private resort and tourist area?

So, in February, Casa Real De Acuzar is having it’s grand opening after 10 years in the making.

Here’s a foretaste of all the beauty awaiting you…

If the outside scenic views are already lovely, wait ’til you get inside the old-style house:

And what better way to cap off the day, than with one of the loveliest scenes captured best from this site…

Due to the ‘heaviness’ of the pictures I am uploading, I literally bored myself in uploading the pix for now. So, again, pardon me if I’m keeping you hanging with the pix I already uploaded. I’ll put up more from this trip as soon as I get the pictures resized and compressed for faster loading.

For some reasons that cannot be explained, I can only give credits here to Mr. Jerry Acuzar. I’ll include more people to the acknowledgments on my second post.

‘Happy New Year!’ ‘I’m Back!’ and More 2010 Shouts!

Happy New Year Guys!

After a veeeeery long while of hiatus, the blog is up and running again!

I really have no idea where to begin for this first ever blog post for the year 2010. The last time you heard from me here, I was still single. Today, I’m beginning the year-long journey of this online diary as a husband… as MRandMRS RCandCess!

There were, are, and still a lot of things that we haven’t settled yet as a brand new couple, especially over at our house. That’s why it took me this long to start posting again. I was thinking it would be quite unfair if I dished out a half-cooked story to you. Anyways, here I am firing away again!

If you’ve been to my Facebook account, you probably have seen some of the pictures of our wedding last December 21. And probably you’ve also seen some of the pictures taken from our honeymoon trip at Puerto Galera last December 24. I’ll try to just post here a few more pix that you haven’t seen, courtesy of Blackshirts Photography.