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Casa Real De Acuzar Photos

First note: I apologize for this blog’s erratic behavior. As early as this first month of the year, I have been plunged into an oddly schedule work load, unlike anything I have ever been into. It’s not really that hectic–it’s just uncharacteristically erratic. So please pardon your humble servant for having not faithfully followed your daily regimen of a healthy blog post each day from me.

So  much for the apologies. Let’s fire away…


Me and a select few of our church staff went with our Senior Pastor to Casa Real de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. It’s a three hour drive from Manila to one of the most remote seashore resorts in the historic town of Bagac. I say it’s remote because the way going there seems leading to the end of the world. Right from the town road all the way to the last meter of pavement, the road gets narrower and narrower until you’re surrounded by tall grasses and fluttering dragonflies. But just beyond that, here’s what you see…

The resort started out as a simple leisure area for the owner, who was into preserving and rebuilding Filipino-Castillian houses (the owner is a contractor). He soon found out that these old-style houses gave him the relaxing aura, relieving him of urban stress and pressure. Every week-end he would retreat to this bayside area of his and spend time building an old-style house for himself. It went on to be coming a hobby for him.

It would take him 10 years to realize that he had already built 21 old-style houses.

Then the brilliant idea popped up: why don’t I turn this into a private resort and tourist area?

So, in February, Casa Real De Acuzar is having it’s grand opening after 10 years in the making.

Here’s a foretaste of all the beauty awaiting you…

If the outside scenic views are already lovely, wait ’til you get inside the old-style house:

And what better way to cap off the day, than with one of the loveliest scenes captured best from this site…

Due to the ‘heaviness’ of the pictures I am uploading, I literally bored myself in uploading the pix for now. So, again, pardon me if I’m keeping you hanging with the pix I already uploaded. I’ll put up more from this trip as soon as I get the pictures resized and compressed for faster loading.

For some reasons that cannot be explained, I can only give credits here to Mr. Jerry Acuzar. I’ll include more people to the acknowledgments on my second post.


4 responses

  1. jose

    astig bosss sakto po mahilig po ako sa history of the phillihines

    March 26, 2010 at 11:54 AM

  2. ann - peeps

    Indeed it’s a very relaxing place from the urban stress i’ve been experiencing.

    March 31, 2010 at 10:08 AM

  3. mag kanu po pay here?

    September 2, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    • rcandcess

      Our boss actually knew the owner of the Casa, so I really have no idea how much this is. But I’m guessing whatever the price is, it’s probably reasonable enough. I’ll keep in touch, though, just in case I find out. Thanks

      September 3, 2011 at 1:18 AM

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