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Sweet December: The RCandCess Wedding (part 1)


Finally, after 23 days of married life, I found it in me to narrate to you how the Cayanan-Dizon Nuptial took place last December 21. And if you ask me to explain why only now am I re-telling the story, you’ll either find it awkward or rational if I say watching the movie 500 Days of Summer just this morning actually nudged me into jumpstarting this fresh new series. Albeit, I always find it rewarding and relaxing to be in front of the computer, doodling about my love life, which is now on totally different plane than three weeks and two days ago.

And so this brand new blog series is born.

I would like to thank all the people who made the RC and Cess Wedding a big hit. I also would like to thank en masse all the friends, relatives and close companions who wished us well on our wedding day in all possible means of communication. I’m thinking of putting all the online greets in hard copy format and post them on a scrap book, just to make it an official guest book greet.

Let’s see how this new story goes…


Me and my best man Crisant got a place at the Lourdes Suites in Makati Avenue, which is actually a stone’s throw away from where Cess checked in, at Isabelle Royale. Quarter before 12, me and Sant went to the nearby Rufo’s to have our late dinner–my last dinner as a bachelor. We had a few chitchats about the upcoming big event for half an hour before we decided to go back to the hotel.

My head was still uneasy, not about the wedding, but the details of it. Some of the flowers that came in from Baguio were ready to wilt away, and I was beginning to worry if they’ll survive the night to make it the following day at ten. Our floral arrangers Jean Duatin, Zaldy Basinang and Stephanie Pascua assured me that they’ll all be fine come wedding day. Although I took their word, I can’t help but be worried. Probably, I really just needed the sleep.

And for the last time, I texted Cess good night as a bachelor.

December 21, 5:58 AM

For the last time, I woke up Cess as a bachelor. And in that text, I asked her again…

“Good morning ga! I love you! Will you marry me?”

Of course the reply was…

“Good morning ga! Yes! I love you too!”

A few more minutes passed and my photographer Philip Dampal of Blackshirts Photography arrived for the pictorials. After I got all fixed up and ready, the photographer fired away with his Canon EO5 Mark II.

We then moved upstairs to the roof deck for the better half of the pictorial session. Here are Philip’s takes:

And of course, how can my best man miss his own photo ops?

A few blocks away from where we were staying, another photo session was taking place. This time, it was for the luckiest bride that day…

(to be continued)


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