Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Level-Up Week for RC and Cess

Was it just coincidental that after just a day of kicking off the new Blog Pulse with a Pizza Edition, I won over the number one entry at RX The Morning Rush’s Top Ten Movie Title for a Tragic Story, entitling me with a gift cert?

Hanep nga talaga! Nag-level up na naman ako!

This also happens to have fallen in the same week that the RCandCess love story leveled up from blog to TV. Indeed, this has been a level-up week for me.

Could I just share a few celebrity moments here, guys?

For example, I was at Starbucks Columns in Makati for our regular staff meeting, when the lady barista recognized me and said, “Sir, kayo po ba yung RC nung Mel and Joey last night? Astig, sir!”

Over at 7-11 in Pasong Tamo, the counter guy went, “ser, kayo ba yung sa ‘Love Made In Heaven?’ Nakaka-inspire naman yung love story nyo.”

During three separate community sorties we did at Sta. Mesa and Bacood, a barangay kagawad, two housewives, and a young teen-age girl recognized me from the Mel and Joey show. They were wondering if they could get my autograph? What the…!

Then yesterday night, during our out-of-town meeting, the pastors all congratulated me for the feature we did. I did not really announce the show among them, but I soon found out that as far as Davao City, and as far up as Tuao, Cagayan, people from our fellowshipping churches were either watching already, switched channels or turned their TV’s on, after finding out that me and Cess we’re being featured that night!

And guess what… this week happens to cap off with us leveling up to our second month as Mr and Mrs RC and Cess! Yes! We’ve been married two months already!

There’s really no better two words to describe this than the words “level up.” And because of that, here’s another level-up video you should definitely watch! Click on my pic for the biggest revelation I have made before the world today…


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