Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Reviving My Blog Blood

Is it just me or the sudden influx of tasks and responsibilities that kicked off this new year that I find myself struggling to really get on the laptop and blog consistently?

If it ever happened that you were sitting beside me at 9 AM today here in the office in front of my laptop, you’d probably understand how frustrating it is to even jump start a blog post. I would often catch myself hang in dead air for 10 seconds before I come up with the next set of words for this post. Just like this sentence… which took me half a minute to figure out.

Is this weird, or IS THIS WEIRD?

Not that I am blaming it, but the opening of the new year for me was just so overwhelming, I kind of lost grip on my blogging senses. It felt like getting myself to post something up on the site is a big burden I just needed to get off just so the day would be fine. Hoping that tomorrow will be a different day, I walk up again to the laptop to start typing something, only to end up shutting it down, and totally quitting on my supposed goal of putting up a post online.

I look at my dwindling stat chart, and I get a mixed feeling of frustration and numbness: frustrated because my figures are just wallowing below 50 hits, and numb because I can’t even get to pull myself together to act on these abating statistics.

So I figured this spontaneous genius will do the trick of reviving my blog blood.

I hope I could pick up the steam to get things going up for my avid readers just before March comes in. Among many things, March is my month, which concludes with my day. It also happens to be the anniversary month of this blog site. There! Something to be excited and enthusiastic about.

Looking at the previous series of posts, I still have two series with backlogs, including my wedding pictures’ series. Maybe, if I can get the series done, I’ll be able to free my mind up with fresher thoughts to concoct here. I just hope the office desktop will be cooperative enough to get the pictures uploaded as fast as possible. It helps a lot to us multi-taskers that some things move quicker than usual.

I also wish I’d be equipped again with my boss’ camera so I could vivify further each upcoming posts. I want to provide my readers with more colorful posts that will make sense not just to their heads, but to their eyes and ears as well.

Another attempt I just actually did was to read my first ever blog last March 11, 2009. Reading it again for the first time since I gave birth to it, I kind of felt a refreshing aura flow through my prosaic veins. I thought I heard a voice from my poetry fairy, beckoning me to sit down and start writing down a magnum opus. But a few minutes later, I found myself backspacing the whole 4 stanza I have already thought of. Not just yet, I thought I heard my mind whisper. And maybe that’s just right. I can’t overwhelm what is still overwhelmed. So instead, I went to Chico Garcia’s blog and read his Ode to Durian–a classic!

In the process, I just hope ranting about my own laziness in keeping a consistent flow of thoughts from my head to the web, will jolt me up to floor the accelerator on blog blood and get my fingers typing in rapid-fire mode.

For now, bore yourself with this latest of my spontaneous genius.


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