Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

This Is My Month!

March is finally here! Allow me to welcome the month with this loud-sounding…


Just so you know, I intentionally spelled the shoutout with 31 letters, symbolic of the 31 days that is the third month of the year. And just so you know, the month always concludes with the birthday of one of the world’s most sought-after, admired, inspiring and influential impact-maker it has seen in recent history.

Me na me!

In addition to this month being my birth month, this is also the anniversary month of this blog, which will turn uno on March 11. Because of this, I am treating our avid readers with this promise: to blog every single day of the month.

I haven’t really sat down and plan the month long activities in our blogsite, but, right off the top of my head, here are some exciting stuffs coming your way this month:

– The Top Ten Over-all Blog Posts;

– The Top Ten Category-based Blog Posts;;

– The Top Ten Blog Comments;

– RC and Cess’ Blog Reader of the Year; and so much more!

Cess and I will also be celebrating our third month, which incidentally is dated 3-21, and of course, the final day of March, which will be my XXVII!

I am excited about this month! I figured starting off the month on a high note will eventually cap off on a high note as well, if not higher. So, don’t miss the exciting things coming your way this month of March!


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