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Purefoods Chunkee Giants: 2010 KFC PBA All-Filipino Cup Champs

(as requested by my good friend Dyan Dampal)

It’s been a very long while since a championship was won via sweep at an All-Filipino Cup. And it’s been a very long while since Ryan Gregorio won his last championship, also courtesy of an All-Filipino Conference.

Well, the waiting finally paid off.

In convincing fashion, the Purefoods Chunkee Giants disposed the Alaska Aces with a sweeping victory at the KFC-PBA Philippine Cup several weeks ago. While this came as a surprise to a lot of PBA fans all across the nation, this was an even more surprising win for no less than Purefoods Coach Ryan Gregorio, who was just about to quit the franchise several months ago.

Now, he has all the reasons to stay.

Gregorio testifies of the strong confidence the management has for him. Add to that the supporting role that his coaching staff has done, and more importantly, the superb performance the players did in telling the world  that, yes, they deserve to be called the champions.

Alaska, on the other hand, seemed to be merely a shadow of what they were weeks earlier when they themselves swept past Ginebra San Miguel in the semis. Coach Tim Cone moved from bemedalled to befuddled, as his Aces failed to stop the rampage of Purefoods, most notably during Game 4.

The final win was a sealing victory that proved the Giants were not merely winners in squeaker games. For the first three games of the series, Purefoods played the role of catch-up contenders. But during Game 4, they were simply invincible.

Some have blamed it on bad referree calls. Coach Tim Cone, on the other hand, would rather humble down and admit that Purefoods played better, while they played lackadaisical.

But in fairness to the Aces, they did give Purefoods a hard time. Ryan Gregoio himself would admit that winning four games wasn’t as easy as it seems.

A few days from now, the next conference will kick off. Tougher teams are eyeing the spot where the Giants are now. Rebuilding and recharging is the name of this off-season.

But for Purefoods, give them this much deserved moment of relishing their victory.

(p.s.: I am a Purefoods fan for three reasons: Coach Ryan Gregorio, Asst. Coach Ronnie Magsanoc, and GM Alvin Patrimonio)


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  1. dyanhope

    wow! ang galing galing…thanks tol! :D

    March 9, 2010 at 10:44 AM

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