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RCandCess’ Blog Celebrates First Year Anniversary!

It was March 11, 2009 when I set out to write my first ever online blog post. The post was some sort of a preface about the quest that I was about to start–blog life. I actually told one visiting friend over the comments section that if I can get past 8 blog posts, I’d feel pretty satisfied and fulfilled about putting up a blog site.

The first ever picture posted on the blog was this picture of the corner where I first went online to do my first ever blog--a corner inside the Caltex Gas Station Along Aguinaldo Highway along Imus, Cavite.

And I can never forget where I first went online to do a blog. I have long since left the place where I first blogged; a corner beside a one-inch thick wall window inside the Caltex Gas Station along Aguinaldo Highway in Imus, Cavite.

Today, is celebrating a full year of insightful, inspiring and informative blogging for people coming from all walks of life, both here in the Philippines and abroad! Congratulations to all of us!

We have, indeed, surpassed the 8-blog mark, as we now have a total of 270 blogs posted (with this one as the 271st) in eight categories, taking in 321 comments from friends, relatives, churchmates, students, fellow radio listeners, and purely anonymous visitors. And, not to mention, the 438 spam comments I have received in the last year!

First comments posted by my first ever visitors Kristine Concepcion and Joe Lagon

Personally, this blogsite has been my constant sounding board for my own rantings and ravings. I find myself amused, entertained, jarred, jaded, and uplifted by the outputs that I post here, and I find so many others feeling equally the same as me, if not more.

Allow me now to thank the people who have, in one way or another, contributed to the growth, health and life of this blogsite:

– God takes first place, of course, in each and every acknowledgement list I put up;

– to Chico Garcia, for inspiring me to start my own blog site;

– to Timothy, my kid brother, for being the first ever image of my blog;

– to Kristine “Astroboy” Concepcion, and Joe “Specialist” Lagon, for being my first ever visitors and comment posters on my blog;

– to my classmate Dyan Dampal, for being my most avid suggester of topics for the blog;

– to my Pastor, Dr. Benny Abante Jr., for being a mentor, as well as allowing me to use his Mark II 5EOD SLR for the photos in this blog;

– to Benny Fog, for helping me capture the best pics for the blogsite;

– to my fellow Rushers, Oscar Dela Hopia, Mr. Perk, Hellgirl, Abernathy, Engr. Moks, Hannah Bananah, Czarovic, TriflerNoMore, Purplerose, Mizepifany, Peawi, dRu, and Twisted Sunshine for visiting and commenting on my posts. There are so many others who have read the blog, but they were not able to leave some comments behind, so I might fail to mention them all. Thank you for patronizing the blog guys!

-to my high school classmates who also follow the blog;

-to my MICA students, who ALWAYS reads the blog;

-to the many unnamed visitors, commenters who were inspired and informed by this blogsite;

-and of course, the best is reserved for PRINCESS MARICAR DIZON CAYANAN, the other half of my life story. I love you more than you’ll ever know! =)

I would love to have more of you guys joining me for more years to come in this blogsite. Let’s keep it coming guys!


2 responses

  1. czarovic

    wow I saw my codename, you’re welcome and thank you as well. Happy Anniversary to your blogsite and looking forward to see more blog and read more fascinating stories here. Congratulations! ^^

    March 11, 2010 at 11:17 AM

  2. dyanhope

    ur welcome tol. congrats! more insightful and inspiring blogs to write. hayaan mo dahil tamad ako magsulat ng sariling blog…sasabihin ko nalang sayo kapag meron akong mga topics na ma-iisip :D

    God bless.

    March 12, 2010 at 2:04 PM

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