Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Rain On Some More!

Almost half a year ago, people here in the metropolis were recovering from the traumatic experience brought by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. It actually reached to a point where people trembled in fear everytime it started raining, even if just in trickles. People looked like they were running for their lives whenever it rained, when actually they were just running for shelter, or for the soonest passenger vehicle they could take to rush back home.

And then came the El Nino.

For the last two months, the sun has been freely scorching our side of the earth, leaving almost nothing unheated by its unforgiving waves. And the phenomenon came way too early, which meant people were buying sun tan lotions and deflatable rubber rafts that didn’t take them too long to wait to put them to good use. As soon as the hot days kicked in, summer also had its premature jumpstart.

But the fun and fab of being in a beach, a resort, or some place else cooler to while away time was being robbed of its attention by something more important and urgent–the dearth and destruction that the El Nino has brought to our farmers, fisherfolks, and other businessmen, whose trade were very much dependent on a constant supply of rainfall. But not only was rain not falling, the sun was reigning supreme over the country. You could actually stare at the sky any given day, and you’d find it clear of clouds every where from one end of the horizon to the other, giving the sun all the free space it needs to scatter her destructive force. Summer seemed to have started on the wrong foot.It wasn’t anymore fun being under the sun.

So, six months after our infamous encounter with Ondoy and Pepeng, here we are guys, pleading for rain.

And yesterday, IT FINALLY RAINED!

I was out in the community of Sta. Mesa joining one of our community sorties when the dark clouds gathered above the sky and started drizzling. Soon the drizzles became big drops, and in no time, it was really, finally raining!

Instead of running for the nearest shade, I walked on right through the pouring rain, wanting to feel every falling raindrop on my parched skin, letting them stream their way from my head down my nape, all the way across my shirt. On the ground, I feel my jeans getting soggy already, as the splash of each drop of rain around me lands on my pants. I looked up to the sky, letting my face catch as much of the showers of blessings pouring as it can. And it’s been a long while since getting drenched in rainwater felt good.

It was simply pure pleasure standing in the rain.

Well, the cool respite was a shortlived one, as the clouds soon began to clear away, giving way for the sun its due airtime. I snapped back to the warming reality of what was really climatically scheduled, and then walked on to dry myself up. Soon, it was hot again.

Well, allow me just now to shout out the very same prayer request of every heat-tormented Pinoy who is sweltering under the heat of the sun…



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