Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Prayer for the Day_03/14/2010

Dear Lord,

Thank you once again for giving me this borrowed life today. Thank you for grace and mercy that continues to abound in my life each day. Thank you that you still found it in your good pleasure to include me today in the accomplishment of your will and way.

Once again, I will stand before your people to deliver to them your Word. I pray that you would just anoint my lips in speaking before your children. May the Holy Spirit just take control of me as I face your people and preach to them your message. Break our hearts dear Father, that we may be humble and willing to receive the reproof, rebuke, and exhortation of your Word.

I continue to intercede for our nation as we go through a long dry spell. We know that you know all things, and that all these happen for a reason. We pray that by your grace, you would allow us to experience a respite from the El Nino devastating our country, and just send rain that will quench our dried earth.

Thank you once again, for your love, goodness, and grace towards us.

In Jesus’ Name.



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