Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Rants About The Heat

Not that you have no idea what I am talking about, but just allow me to vent out this indignation I have for the hot climate before my blood reaches boiling point.


One morning, I woke up to a very hot day, at that wasn’t even seven o’clock yet. I found myself surrounded by t-shirts in the bed when I woke up. Apparently, I was sweating all night long that I was changing one shirt to another. By the time I was about to take a bath, around 4 shirts were crumpled around me.

Wishing to rid myself of the hot feeling in my body, I turn the faucet on, only to find out the water was warm! And for a minute or so, hot water was flowing out of the faucet. This can’t possibly be!

Not even two minutes after taking a bath, and after having put on my polo, I was sweating already. And I haven’t even walked out our house’s front door yet! By the time I got to the car, which was a good 50 meters from the house, all the freshness of a good morning bath was gone. I started the car and turned on the aircon to full.

The drive was only a good ten minutes away, so, in order to escape the heat, I had to dash as fast as I can, from my air conditioned car to the air conditioned classroom. Ahhhh… temporary bliss, indeed.

After an hour, I tried to stall the class a little more, until the next teacher arrived. I just wanted to catch as much cool feeling there was in the class room, so that by the time I reach the next air con room, I wouldn’t be sweating as much.

The day passes, and soon it’s time to go home. Cess and I pass by a convenience store and buy ourselves two buckets of ice. We arrive home and with a sigh of relief I tell Cess, “buti na lang bumili tayo ng yelo.” Why? Because the house, which is on the second floor, has a low ceiling, and thus had become a literal thermos, trapping all the heat that had transpired that day. We open the curtains, the jalousies, and the front door, leaving the screen door open. We tried for thirty minutes to let the heat out of our sanctuary, before finally calling it a day and sleeping.

Oh when, oh when, will this heated persecution end?


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