Life as it happens. Time as it passes.

Prayer For the Day_03212010

Dear Lord,

Thank you once again for another beautiful day that You have bestowed upon me. Thank you dear Lord for your grace and mercy that continues to abound in my life each day. Thank you Lord for always using me the best way possible, and for allowing me to be a channel of blessing to others.

Lord, I pray that you would just prepare my heart, mind and spirit today as I come before You in spirit and in truth. Please forgive of all of my sins that will hinder me to worship you properly. Cleanse me, dear Father, from all unrighteousness, and make my heart right with thee.

Give me wisdom and understanding of your word, so that I might be able to nourish and feed your people with your Word. May the power of the Holy Spirit move in our midst, and use me as an instrument of your grace and power today.

I pray also for our nation today, which is now nearing the moment when it will be choosing the new set of government officials that will lead this nation. My only prayer is that through clean, honest  and peaceful elections, the leaders truly deserving of Your ordaining power will be elected into office.

Bless this day dear Father, and bless your people, your children.

Thank you dear God for your love and grace towards us.

In Jesus’ name.



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