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An Unforgettable 27th Birthday

Foreword: You don’t have to remind me guys–I know this post is way overdue. Two more days and this post would be a week too late to appreciate. Such a delay is unforgivable. But lent had just concluded yesterday, and by the looks of this blog’s stat sheet, folks were more occupied with unwinding and reflecting than dropping by and reading the posts. So I guess I’m acquitted of this delay, friends.

Now that we’re all back from hiatus, and now that my headache has subsided, I can finally fire away with this post.


I’ve had 27 birthdays already. And except for those years when I could barely spell or understand what “unforgettable” means, I can safely say each birthday has its unforgettable moments. Unfortunately, time doesn’t permit me to vividly remember each moment, and keep them in my head as fresh as they happened. Not even the abundance of stolen shots and pictures can relive each of them. But I’m not demanding. I’m, in the very least, happy and satisfied that for each of my birthdays, God has blessed me well enough to enjoy them all, one by one.

This year, however, would have to top all other birthdays I have had.

Honestly, I thought my birthday this year would pass uneventful. After all, it’s lenten season. People’s minds are off to their own set of plans on how to spend the holy week. I myself was looking forward to this week. Campaign season is set to heat up more fervently come the second week of April, and the holy week was the perfect time to recharge for battle. That being said, I never really set up any plans of my own on how to spend my birthday. I just wanted it to pass quietly and calmly.

But some people thought otherwise.

On the very second that the day switched from 30 to 31, Cess, Sant, Onlee, Virlie and my sister and mom pulled off a surprise mini-party for me over at my mom’s cafeteria. With carbonara, red velvet cake, and a few soda bottles, me, my close friends, relatives and churchmates had a great time celebrating my day. They were asking me what was my plan for the day, and I simply said “nothing really.” That they surprised me was reason enough to call the day unforgettable. A couple more minutes passed, and we all had to retire to bed, since it was one in the morning. We went home and rested for the day.

That same morning, I woke up to the sweet kiss of my wife. I realized it was my first birthday with her for life! That was another unforgettable moment. We prayed together and thanked God for the blessings that He continues to shower upon us. How I wished we could just stay home and spend the entire day lazily together, but work was beckoning on us. Since it was the last official day for office work, we had to go on and wrap up some things before switching to vacation mode. Not even birthday was enough excuse. But that’s OK. I was very much needed at work, so that’s not really much of a problem for me. After all, the day has been enjoying so far.


I remembered that Cess was asking me to buy her a pregnancy test kit. She told me that she was already feeling something unusual in her. So, I went to the nearby drug store and bought two test kits. I went to Cess’ office, gave the kits, and went ahead with my work.

I was very busy with the paper works I was accomplishing when Cess texted me one of the most unforgettable SMS I have ever received:

“Ga, POSITIVE! Amen! =)”


The best birthday gift of my life this year came from no less than God Himself, in the form of a baby in progress! I zoomed out of the room, dashed as fast as I can to Cess’ office, and there I saw her smiling like I’ve never seen her smile before. I hugged her immediately, and, right in the middle of her office mates, I went hysterical!

I’ll be a daddy soon!

I next told my Pastor, his wife Ms. Marie, my mom (who was also as busy as me with her office paper works), my dad (over the phone, as he was in Mindoro, visiting my sick grandpa), my sister Kish (who was delighted to become a tita), and my other relatives. I also called up Rich (through voice message, at Orlando), Taties (my very good friend and dynamic duo, over at Singapore), and her hubby,  my bestfriend B2Y (celebrating also his birthday two days earlier), and told them the good news. It was just fun, fun, fun!

Apparently, our senior pastor had scheduled a lunch meeting at Italianni’s at Serendra! Wow! Talk about right timing! After the lunch, and an hour of discussions, my pastor, his family and the entire full-time the church staff celebrated with me on my birthday. The crew of Italliani’s were kind enough to render a production number for me, as well as gave me a complimentary dessert.

Since everybody was already jovial, I popped the big announcement that Cess was pregnant. Everybody applauded joyfully for both of us.

My friends over at RX The Morning Rush greeted me on my day, and over at the Rushers’ Forum. Thanks to Chico, Delle, my Rusher family, and all the RX listeners who shared the special day with me. Thanks to Joe, KC, Ate Rhix, Edzcel, Dru, Ron, Madam Cherry, Erna, Jun, Junette, Nina, Vash, Cromwell, Stephen, Jobert, Clou, JP, Eric, and the so many other who I fail to mention.

My high school batchmates also got to greet me over at FB! Thanks to Bevs, Cromwell, Jocelyn, Rommel, Michelle, Vanessa, Aaron Gospel, Jennifer, Nidalyn, Ria, Fran, Pamela, Kristoffer, Gellie, Aqui, Tere, Eunice, Willo, and the rest of my Mascian batchmates! Salamat mga kapatid!

The celebrations went on to extend until Friday, actually. For Thursday’s schedule celebrations, we went to Tagaytay for a half-day unwind session.

And then on Friday, it was our MBBC Taguig Congregation’s turn to celebrate my birthday!

I’d like to thank all of the people who took time out to celebrate my day. But more importantly, I want to thank God for the gift He gave me. Hopefully, if all things go well as planned, my birthday gift will turn out to be my Christmas gift, since the child is due around late November or December.

Pray for Cess, as she is scheduled for a check-up tomorrow with her OB-Gyne!

Salamat po sa lahat ng mga nakiisa at nakasama ko sa aking kaarawan! More birthdays to come, guys! =)


2 responses

  1. Specialist

    congratulations again to you and Cess. You’re going to be parents soon. And I’m sure, loving and responsible parents.

    Btw, nasa Tagaytay din pala kayo nung Thursday. We were there for an overnight stay. Pamatay sa traffic no? Ibang klase!

    April 7, 2010 at 6:38 PM

    • RCandCess

      Sinabi mo, kuya joe! We had to take the long route through gen. trias, para lang makaiwas sa traffic. Parang Manila na rin sa traffic, lalo na yung stretch ng rotonda hanggang sa summit ridge, and the other side. But the vacation was a much needed one. Thanks ulit kuya! God bless sa inyo! =)

      April 8, 2010 at 12:35 PM

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