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The 2010 NBA Playoffs: Predictions and Forecasts

I really don’t know how it infected me, but the NBA bug has pushed me to jump start a blog series about the playoffs.

I’m no basketball tactician, and neither do I have the hops and skills to back me up with my analysis of how the playoffs would end up. So, I linked up with a good friend, who is on the tab with the stats and stories behind the match-ups, to give you a foretaste of how the playoffs might end up after the first round. So here we go:


Lakers vs. Thunder

Forget about Kobe’s bothersome index, or Bynum’s unstable condition in playing his role. Come playoffs, the Lakers elevate their game to notches higher than what Kevin Durant can explain. Sure, he’s the youngest scoring leader ever in the league’s history, and sure, they gave the Lakers a bad beating the last time they figured. But, that’s the regular season, guys. This is the playoffs. And LA has done what Oklahoma City has done for the first time–reaching the playoffs. As for the Lakers, well, they make it a habit to play in April and May. Oh, by the way, the Lakers are the defending champions.

prediction: Lakers in 5

Jazz vs. Nuggets

For Denver, it’s all about Carmelo Anthony. The moment he explodes, you can forget about trying to contain him. He’s the deadliest scoring threat as far as the West is concerned, and he can take on any defender any given night and school him swish after swish. As for the Jazz, Deron Williams will have to up his game a notch higher if he wants to give Chauncy Billups a worthy match-up. After all, Billups is everything that Deron is, and more.

prediction: Nuggets in 6

Suns vs. Blazers

Age can either play for or against Steve Nash, according to some analysts. That he’s been there and done all that is what’s playing for him. But the speed might not be as cat-quick as before. He will have to contend with the younger line-up of Portland, which has actually succeeded in coming up with an efficient way of rotating their starters and subs. But with Brandon Roy out, Phoenix has one less thorn in the flesh to be irked about. So far, the match-up between these teams is safely even. But of course, only one will emerge.

prediction: Portland in 7

Mavericks vs. Spurs

The hard thing to tell in this match-up is how effective the sit-outs of Manu and Tim were during their last outing with the Mavs, who won in that pre-playoff square. While the win might legitimize the power of Dallas over their Texas neighbor, it’s not sure the same output is expected once Duncan and Ginobili step on the floor. Unless the Spurs play Spurs basketball, they can forget advancing to the next round. But and if they do overcome the Mavs, they might just be the scariest team in the West. In fact, an NBA poll sees them advancing to the next round among the low-ranking teams. That is, if Jason Kidd forgets he’s Jason Kidd.

prediction: Mavs in 6

Sorry, guys, I have to rush back to work. BRB!


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