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The 2010 NBA Playoffs: Conference Stats Square-Off

The 16 NBA Teams that made it to the Playoffs this year have just wrapped up their second game match-ups. So far, all the top-seeded teams of the Eastern Conference have won all home games, and are now leading 2-0 in their series. On the other hand, only the LA Lakers have kept their record unblemished so far by beating Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday. The other three top seeded teams, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix, have tied their series with San Antonio, Utah and Portland respectively.

My friend was analyzing the results so far, and he asked me to retrospect back to the standings of the regular seasons. Looking at it, I found out two very important things about how each of the conferences’ teams are matched. We got down to the stats, compared them, and we found out some very interesting figures.

The bottom-seeded teams of the Eastern Conference have won less than 50 games during the regular season. While the top two teams of the East (Cleveland and Orlando) have better records than the top team of the West (LA), it does not necessarily tell you that the Cavs and Magic are better than the Lakers. In fact, it tells you otherwise.

Looking now at the bottom-seeded teams of the West, you will find out that they have all won 50 games or more in their regular season. Looking it another way, if Boston, a number 4 East team, were pitted against the lowest ranking playoff contender team of the West (either San Antonio or Oklahoma), Boston is only just as good as the number 8 team. Or, looking at it another way, Houston, which finished with 42-40, would have kicked off Chicago in the East if it played there.

Summing it all up, my friend concluded that the West has the stronger teams, because of the close proximity of their standings from each other. The top team of the East is twenty games better than the eighth team, while the top team of the West is just 7 games shy of being the eighth seeded. This means the West has stronger competing teams in their conference than in the West.

A lot more is expected to unravel come game three of the playoffs. Chicago, Charlotte, Milwaukee and Miami are expected to turn the tables when their games shift to their home courts. As for Denver, Dallas and Phoenix, a win on the road is crucial for them to break their ties. LA, on the other hand, will have to keep their momentum going as they travel to Oklahoma City for a square-off against the wounded Thunder.

More updates, predictions and insights on the playoffs are coming your way soon.


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